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My month and a half gains.

My month and a half gains.

Hey guys,

I a month and a half I have gained .25 in length and .25 in girth.
I went from 7x4.75 to 7.25x5. I am very happy with these gains and I plan to keep PEing to make even more gains.

Just thought I would let you guys know about my progress.

Thank everybody here for your help.


Sep.12, 2007

BPEL 7.75" and EG 5.125"

Not bad, Not bad at all. Just remember to cement those gains or commit to a long term maintance program. Oh yeah, people are bound to ask what routine you are doing, so you’d better post that too.

Oct 2006: BPEL: 7.75" NBPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.125"

Goal: 17+ cubic inches of volume, someday, currently inactive

I have just been doing the newbie routine.

I do v-stretches instead of lig stretches.

10min v-stretches
15min jelqing both over-hand and under-hand grips.

That ia all I do.
It has been working so far so I will continue it until I stop making gains.


Sep.12, 2007

BPEL 7.75" and EG 5.125"

You have a good starting length, and already starting to get gains. Congratulations.

"Cement those gains or commit to a long term maintenance program”
How do you cement gains without long term maintenance?
I will try to do a search to find the answer, but if someone can quickly explain that would be great too.

Found it!! Love the search here. Some other forums they do not work real well!

June 12th 2007: BPEL 6.75" Girth 5.50"

Future: BPEL 7.5" Girth 6.5"

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Congrats colt. I’m a slow gainer. I would love to have those results.

Congrats man!!!

Start -2007-21-06 NBPEL 6", BPEL 7", EG 4.5", FL 3" FG 3"---2007-6-07 NBPEL 6.5", BPEL 7.5" EG 5.00", FL 3.25", FG 4.5"----2007-15-07 nnbpel 7 bpel 8 eg 5 fl 3.25 fg 4.5 goal 8X6

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