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My mission: un-bending

My mission: un-bending

Hi guys

This is my first post, I’ve skimmed through all the “read-this-first material”, so I hope I don’t break any rules here :-) First of all I am not really interested in PE, I am only interested in unbending my curved unit. I did a search on *curv*, and read all the topics of collective wisdom on this subject. I have a 40-45 degree curve to the left halfway up the shaft. A couple a years ago I actually had surgery to fix the problem, but today my unit has the same shape as before. I’ve done a whole lot of googling on the subject, and most material claim that surgery is the only option to fix congenital curvation. Having experienced a non-successful operation that is not exactly something I want to go through again..

I am thinking of starting a thread in the main forum when my newbie-period is over. In this thread I would collect the best other threads about fixing curvation and list all the methods suggested for fixing curvation. This is a great forum, but I believe it could be even better with an in depth anti-curvation article/FAQ, whatever.

Interesting. You have your work cut out for you, it seems. An article is most likely appreciated.

regards, mgus

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Just a quick reply, but the only way I have heard about fixing it is to jelg against the curve.

Yes, that is indeed what a lot of people claim. But I will try to find out if that is the whole truth. I would really like to hear from people who have already done it, and hear exactly what they did.

I have just invested in a JES-extender, and I’m am going to try my luck with that.

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