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My measurements, What exersizes should I do

My measurements, What exersizes should I do

I made measurements, I am 6.2 inches erect and 5.75 inches girth. To increase my girth what exersizes should I do? Jelquing? I am new to PE so I dont think I can do the more intense stuff. THanks for looking and helping

Hello Impulze nice to meet you,

If you only want to gain girth, follow the newbie routine but drop the stretches for 2 months. After the first two months you can add the squeezes and jelq at higher erection levels. Try to jelq with you penis angled up to the ceiling and initially go for around a 60% erection to minimise chances of length gains.

You might also investigate pumping. Check out the pumpers forum for suggested girth options (normally a bigger tube).

Any program you try will most likely include jelqing.

Are you sure you don’t want to gain length? If you do (or don’t mind) then follow the newbie program as written for 2 months.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your help! im going to read that newbie program right now!

Well Ive been working very hard on the program. However when I jelq I feel some dull pain. Is this supposed to happen? Its not pain full just a dull dull kind.

Hello. Due to having the same thing id say take a few days of then mesure. you should find you made some gains. Most likley girth.If its not painfull that shows that youre getting aproper workout. Good luck.

Ah cool. I guess im doing something right..

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