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My main issue with dry jelqing.

My main issue with dry jelqing.

I’ve been good with my motivation levels as of late, but I’m having an issue with dry jelqing.

Basically, I can’t maintain a solid erection level. I watch porn while I’m jelqing in an attempt to maintain 80-90% erection level but it goes down to about 40-50% after 10-20 strokes. Does this happen to many people? What could this be indicative of besides poor erection quality?

I guess I should be kegelling more? Are there any other suggestions? Could this suggest that I am jelqing too hard? I do squeeze quite hard and often get those little red dots which disappear after a day or two.

It’d be MUCH easier if I could maintain a good erection. Some days are better than others and I will get up to about 50 without losing much of an erection. I sometimes find that if I kegel a lot during the day it tends to “wear out” my penis (or this could just be a false theory).. So I try to kegel afterwards. But, to be frank, I often simply forget to kegel.

I’m also a bit of a one minute man (another problem I’m trying to rid myself of besides my size) so maybe I get too excited and then my unit “switches off” when it realizes it isn’t going for gold.

This is really starting to frustrate me.. I hate having to stop every 20 strokes to get my erection back up.. Do you think, also, that starting and stopping could be detrimental on growth?

Finally, what are peoples thoughts on the c-grip (particularly for girth)?

Have you tried wet jelqing?

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Yes, that’s what I previously did, but I’m now trying to focus on dry-jelqing, as I’m going primarily for girth gains.

I’ve only ever dryjelqed and ~60-70 is probably all I’ve ever done it with- my objective was to shunt the blood down the length of my gear until there was fair pressure and pull

I don’t think you CAN dry jelq w high pctge erection- you don’t get that same milking effect

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