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My LOT: What this means to a routine

My LOT: What this means to a routine

I recently checked out to see where my LOT was. I came up with about 8 o’clock..

My routine to this point has primarily been jelqing, with a few manual ‘stretch and holds’ worked directly into the middle. My gains have been good, but I wanted to learn more from the experienced members as to what a 8 o’clock LOT means, and what types of workouts I should be focusing on.

Thanks in advance!

It really doesn’t mean anything.

LOT was supposed to help hangers determine the best angle at which to hang weights. It was extensively evaluated and determined to not be indicative of anything. It certainly had nothing to do with jelqing, stretching, or other manual techniques.

Since it has no value, even to hangers, you can safely ignore your LOT number.

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