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My LOT: battle plan

My LOT: battle plan

Alright…I’m kinda’ pissed because I have to travel a more treacherous path than you lucky High-Lot guys. I know, I can hear it already: “the answers to my questions vary from person to person,” but I’ll try anyway.

My LOT is about 7:00-7:30, which means I’m on the low side. I used to have a higher LOT, but I didn’t even know about this theory back then so I can’t accurately say what it used to be. The reason I have a low LOT is over the years I developed a habit of pulling down on the base to stretch the ligs at the mons pubis, but only for a few seconds and not every day. Basically, I was doing manual stretching before I heard of it, but I was not pulling from the shaft to increase length along with decreasing LOT.

My first question is: by not stretching the shaft while decreasing LOT, did I somehow mess-up the full potential of the whole lig stretching approach (ie could I have had larger gains that I can’t tap into now?) My gain since then is about 0.25” in length (~6” from ~5.75”).

Since my LOT is now low, regardless of what I could have done, my second question is: how much pressure are we talking about when we need to target the longitudinal fibers of the tunica? I know I need to work up to a higher strength, but what is the smallest weight that’s usually effective?


Hey, don’t worry man.just stick to the plan and you’ll be fine. It takes some real dedication and results are damn worth it.

I have a question, How do you measure your LOT.I read the directions that we’re posted by I’m stupid and don’t understand them.



LOT (Loss of Tugback) is found by tugging your flaccid state out from your body and doing a kegel. A kegel is the same as tightening the muscle that stops the flow when you’re pissing, so just do that and hold it. The shaft should be straight out from your body with no angling to the right or left. Start by pulling it upward against your abdomen (12 noon). Slowly lower away from your abdomen and keep doing kegels until the head doesn’t tug back toward your body anymore. Your LOT is measured between 6:00 and 12:00 noon. 6:00 is pointing straight at the floor, 12:00 noon is straight up at the ceiling. Almost no one has a LOT of 12:00.

Help any?

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