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My little experience with no gains. My question.


Hey sta - kool. How did u realize u had to take two or more days to get better gains? U felt pain or fatigue?

You not ‘u’ please.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Take some time off now and again. During my newbie period I only grew when I would take 4 or 5 days off. I did not grow while actively doing PE.

You know.. While I gained my 1/2” I did take time off.. For that matter.. 4-5 days and then I came back on for about 2-weeks.and then took more time off. I said I was more consistent now as compared to before, but a year ago, I would do it for a week, then I would stop for a month. Now I do it for about 2 weeks and then something happens.. Work mainly.. And I have to take a break for a few days until work settles down. 4-5 days is equivalent to about 3-4 training days. I think sat-kook is showing what I used to do when I was into bodybuilding (Train, Eat, and Rest). Like I said.. Veterans know..

Good luck!

I didn’t know taking so many rest periods work, so I won’t feel bad anymore when during a whole weekend I don’t PE cuz I’m with my girl. In one month I think I’ll leave a week of and change routine. Is it a good idea? Thanks

Yeah, don’t feel so bad. I guess you just have to safely experiment on a routine and rest. Good luck!

It seems I have grown 1 cm, very hard to tell tho… I have been always doing 5 days a week.

I am currently also stretching 3 min every two hours during the day.

Squeezing on my workouts doesnt feel “special” anymore, is like my penis got used to it or that I am overtraining. I am gonna erase squeezing for a time.

Now dry jelqs after strething 12 min seems to be nice and effective.

I maybe should take more days off. But it is tempting not taking two days in a row. Should I take more days off (like two consecutive) if it seems than squeezing doesnt seem to b effective when I train?

I will use this thread now as my personal experience progress.

The 1cm I said I gained really depend on the EQ and the position of measuring…
I didnt quit squizzing I just reduce the number of it. I do One horse 404 before squeezing. And i still stretch every 2 hours even on rest days.
Oficially my measures are NBP a bit more than 15 cm (so 6inches), I just calculated what with a full erection is real for sex. BP (pressing max) nearly 17 cm. Girth: 13cm. (Note: the ruler begins with a little space that is about 0,5 cm, I take it into account in NBP but not in BP)
I will measure tomorrow if i get a good erection (it is my rest day)
I will soon change plans as soon as I get money.

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