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My last resort for now..

My last resort for now..

I started off PE last week again (did try PE exercise for like 4 months back in 2007). I understand the importance of doing manual stretches.

My biggest challenge is that I get erection so easily, and it is making “manual stretches” so hard to perform. One typical scenario is I would do one manual pull (or a V-stretch), then I would start to feel my penis starts to get semi. Then I would have to wait for a long time before I can do the next pull. The waiting time between the stretches takes WAY TOO LONG.

So I would like to hear form your experience of handling “instant” erection.

I am serious considering jerking off before I do manual pull. That way I can pull much easier without getting erection.

By the way, I can still get semi for jelqing even after ejaculation.

I read it on this forum that ejaculation is a cellular activity, while manual pulls and jelqing are physiological activity. And it shouldn’t affect the exercise.

Am I too crazy for wanting to do it this way?

Any thoughts are appreciated!


If it helps. After a few months, you might find out that your dick has figured out the difference between work time and play time. I’m not having as much problem getting hard while stretching as I used to.

Yes by all means masturbate before stretching it will not affect your stretches.

Also, as northmiamitop says, your penis will eventually learn when and when it is not appropriate to become erect.

PM Upto7, he dealt with this problem

I also had this issue when I first started.

In time if you just continue with your workout when you lose your erection you get use to it.

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Originally Posted by UM1991
PM Upto7, he dealt with this problem


It went away with time. Took it long enough, though… 6 months.

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