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My Introduction

My Introduction

I figured that it would be best to introduce myself instead of just randomly popping up.

I have been doing PE for about two and a half weeks so far. I have noticed a major change in my flaccid size so far. It hangs much longer and fuller, and in the past few days I’ve noticed that it does not get that “just jumped into a cold pool” shriveled look. And I work outside in the cold and even take the occasional cold shower. Thats definately a good sign.
I don’t have an exact measurement of my erect length, although I know it is somewhere around 6.5”. I’m not really too interested in taking an exact measurement because I’m doing this for me and I will know when I’ve made progress (plus I don’t have a ruler at the moment). I hope to get up to somewhere between 7.5-8”, although I wouldn’t complain if it were more.

I guess my hope for a larger penis began in early highschool. I was not ashamed of it, I had never been made fun of, I just wasn’t proud of it. I guess having a best Friend who was close to 10” doesn’t exactly help either. I have been interested in body modification for as long as I can remember. Before I even lost my virginity I pierced my own penis, which I guess was an attempt to boost my self-confidence. And it worked. Being the only person in your highschool to have a prince albert, your penis is almost idolized.

I know this is probably not of interest to anyone, but I just felt I would start off saying all of this.

Thanks. As for the piercing, I think it was more me being stupid and not being patient enough to wait until I turned 18. But it turned out well, had it about three years now.

Welcome to thunders, those flaccid hang gains are a good start.

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Originally Posted by ireallydontknow
Before I even lost my virginity I pierced my own penis,

Just a simple; hello Im insane would of sufficed. :-Y

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