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My introduction.

My introduction.

Alright, this is my first post, so I’m gonna give yall some backround info on me. I usually never keep girl friends, just 1 night stands and booty calls or freaks. But I moved across town, been like 6 months so I don’t really get laid on a regular basis like I used to and got rusty. I never really cared about my size, I know I’m small (probably 5.5), as long as I got mine I didnt give a shit.

But now, I met a girl who is 5 years older than me in my apartment complex and smashed of course. But I want to improve myself because this girl is a keeper. She’s a freak in bed, can cook, likes to take care of her man, and a professional massage therapist, got a banging body and all that. Thing is I want to make it better for her. Problem is that I bust too quick for her and it’s hard for me to get it up and keep it up after I bust the first time. Luckily I know how to finger a girl the right way and got her off. She’s got more experience than me, that’s for sure. The cool thing is she’s willing to work with me.

So my problem areas I want to address and solve while I’m here is 1)size 2)endurance 3)gettin hard and stayin hard after I bust.

So my search led me to this site. I started the newbie routine like 2 weeks ago and I’m gonna see what happens with that for 2-3 months. Seems like many people have achieved what they wanted to. So hopefully I can do so too. I don’t take any supps or anything yet. But I’ll be looking and researching more on this site as soon as I get adjusted starting school and stuff. Any advice or criticism will be appreciated.

Now here’s my first question:

1) When doing kegels, does your dick have to be hard? So you flex the muscle that stops urine flow and squeeze the shaft or just flex the muscle?

I’ll check back later one guys, and thanks for any help in advance.

I'll mess with this later.

Hey welcome to Thunders.I’d say that the fact that you want to make it better for your girl is a good start to getting where you want to be.Premature ejaculation has never been a problem for me so I’m not gonna be much help there.For starters though,you can increase the amount of time spent on foreplay.Spend alot of time kissing,and caressing her.Rub her back.Play with her breasts.Tell her how beautiful you think she is.If you are not into oral,I suggest you try and learn to get good at it.Most women love it,and it can get them really stimulated so that when you do penetrate her it won’t take as long to get her to orgasm.As for keeping it up after you orgasm the first time,I really don’t have any advice.Try making some changes to your diet.One of the other members can make a suggestion as to what foods might help get you more into a multi orgasmic state.

Thanks for the welcome’s and tips. I’ll be searching these boards for a while on what you suggested. I know I’ll come accross some other useful info.

I'll mess with this later.

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