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My Immediate Length Gains

My Immediate Length Gains

I just thought that I should tell this to everyone because I know everyones cock is different and there may be a few members that may have “members” that are similar to mines. If you wanna get straight to the point then skip the next paragraph.

I have been a member of Thunders Place for a year but a reader for 2 years. In this time I have gained 1 1/2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. My first inch came from the newbie routine and I’m happy to say that my gain is permanent! The next 1/4 came from hanging. Now this is where I started noticing things. I would hang for 2 to 3 days and notice immediate gains but whenever I hung after that (even after increasing weight) I wouldn’t see gains. So that demotivated me. But after a month or two I would get back at it and low and behold I would gain in that two or three days. So after that gain I lost motivation because I stopped gaining again. But, after doing manual stretches for the past two days (9/30/10 and 9/31/10) I gained 1/16 of an inch which is very good in my opinion. I’m still experimenting now but I think I got the gist of my cock. I can see immediate gains after mini deconditioning breaks. This is my routine:

1. 30 sec stretch straight out
2. 30 sec stretch straight up
3. 30 sec stretch straight down
4 & 5. 30 sec stretch left and right

Note: Focus on this

5. 1 min (or how ever you feel comfortable) stretch behind the crotch (until you feel a slight burn)
6. 30 sec stretch straight up
7. 30 sec stretch straight down
8. 30 sec stretch straight out

Repeat 5-7 and repeat 1-5 occasionally

After you finish this routine do the kegel routine found here: /forum/showthread.php?t=12176&highlight=kegel+routine (I started a t 8 sec for first part and 26 sec for the second part)

Do this routine for 30-45 min for two days straight

If your cock is like mine you should see immediate gains within that two days.

I just thought that I should share this for newbies and even older members because it has helped me stay motivated and to continue to gain. I also know that information and experimentation can help PE become more known in the world.

Happy growing everyone!

Can you tell us more about your decon breaks. How long after your hanging did you take off till you started this new routine.

For my first decon break I stopped for 8 months do to privacy issues. After that I started hanging again. The next decon break I took after that was on a month after I hung for about a week and a half and that’s when I started this routine.

So when you hung for a week and a half you gained 1/4 of an inch? You should just stick with that. Plus maybe some of the gains came from gains you had lost in your decon break possibly which made them easier to come by again.

Thanks for posting. My question is do you stretch for 2 days and then how long do you take off before resuming stretching or hanging? I’m thinking that what you are saying is to stretch 2 days on and then off for x number of days? How many days off?

I forgot to add that you have made great girth gains. Any similar tips for gains there?

Audacia - I couldn’t stick with the hanging because I wouldn’t gain even to the point where the weight was unbearable and I completed full sessions. Also during my decon break I never lost my gains so they were permanent.

E211 - Thanks for pointing that out. I would take a break for a day or two depending on how my unit felt. I have made base girth gains from the hanging but sorry to say I don’t have any tips for girth because I haven’t focused on it in a year and some change.

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