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My Idea of Pumpings Place in PE

My Idea of Pumpings Place in PE

When you are new to pumping there are lots (no pun intended) of variable and techniques to pore through, evaluate and elect to put into use. I have sport pumped for several years and only recently begun a serious PE regimen. Many say that pumping does not give permanent gains. I’d like to offer a hypothesis to be destroyed. (Evil grin).

Most all legitimate PE techniques resolve into a few simple categories:

A Maintaing the penis in best health
B Trapping fluid in the penis to use as a hydraulic lever
C Applying pressure to the fluid trapped in the penis to engorge the penile shaft beyond it’s normal
D Maintain that engorgement until the penis begin to stretch from the destructive force
E Allow a rest period for the penis to recover and repeat

A Skin can be nourished to perform. Not all of those cremes, etc, offered in cosmetic claims are
Vitamins E, A, & D massaged into the penis promote faster healing os distressed tissue. (What
We do when we perform PE.)

B Fluid may be moved into the penis many ways, most depending on a semi-erectile state.
Pumping does not require this. The pump, used properly pulls working fluid into the penis.

C Pumping in short duration sessions engorges then releases the penis with fluids. Five minutes is
Enough,regardless of what you observe. Release and rest 5 minutes, hand jelquing if
Comfortable. Repeat 1, 2, 3 times in quick order if necessary until you feel a heft in the weight
Of your penis.

D As you keep applying vacuum, you will begin to feel a stinging sensation in the skin of the
When it begins to hurt, stop. Pump, release, pump, release, each time, pumping a bit more,
When it stops being fun, STOP! Rest for five minutes or so and do your routine, being sensitive
For to much stretching. STOP if any real pain. You have , by pumping to engorgement, been able
To move an excess of hydraulic fluid into a cylinder ( your penis) and then exert what pressure
You can bring to bear and achieve greater results with fewer reps, as the tissue is at maximum
Engorgement and any pressure applied will cause more tissue destruction to heal with new cells,
Resulting in elongation.

E When your PE exercise becomes uncomfortable, stop, rest, then repeat until it is uncomfortable
Again. Watch for damage, any spots or blueing is a signal you have worked ard enough.

Please take note that you have to be alert! Choose a cylinder no more than 0.25” larger than your erect girth. Don’t pump till it hurts, release pressure until it feels comfortable. Repeat, you will slowly surpass normal erect length, that gives you more fluid to compress, so, fewer reps on engorging the shaft and glans.

Hypothesis: Any penis without abnormal obstructions may be engorged to maximum fluid containment and that fluid, when placed under pressure will cause the tissue of the penis to breakdown, allowing healing by insertion of new cells into the damaged areas. Vacuun pumping the penis moves fluid into the penis to a maximum containment state, therefore resulting in the most hydraulic fluid available to place under pressure and result in tissue deformation.

Gee, I know it’s wordy and geekish, but it seems to make sense to me. I will let everyone know if it works.

PLEASE! Everyone, feel free to tear it apart.


Very simply, I believe in pumping. To me, it’s like a most excellent 10 minute stretch in every direction. A ten minute stretch is a good stretch. It just has to be good for the tunica. My penis stretches as long in the tube as when I’m manually stretching with my hand and I never stretch with my hand for ten minutes. As far as I can tell, it’s gotta be good for PE. It just simply makes perfect sense that it would be, that’s why I do it.

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