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My head makes me look small

My head makes me look small

I am 7”x5.75”. A while back I jelqed for 4 weeks and got to 7.5x6. I know my unit isnt small and is infact fairly large compared to most, but my head is pretty small. It’s actually small when I’m limp and doesnt seem to get ANY bigger while erect either. This is killing me on the illusion of a big unit.

Any of you guys have this problem?

There’s an exercise called Sadsak head exercise. I don’t know anything about it.

I’m in the same boat as Comp1234. I plan to add in a hanging set in each session soon that has a bit more blood in the head to create gains. (I should caution this is not the safest technique and needs to be done very carefully.)

Has ANYONE had much success in increasing head size?

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I think the method that would put the most pressure on the glans is a vacuum. Perhaps a small daily glans cylinder. But even if you manage that, I’m not sure if it can cause the glans to increase in size. I’d think that thru constant pressure and fluid build up pressure and based on the concept of traction, it SHOULD grow somehow.

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My glans increased in size when erect, but I think that’s from better erections and blood circulation. I did nothing but jelq and stretch, using some different oils over time (first olive, then pepper, now EVO mixed with a bit of pepper oil).

I have found the sadsak head exercise helpful for increasing my glans size, a high EQ is very important for this move though.

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I increased my head size and circulation over time with jelquing, and Uli’s. One thing I really like to do is get about 50% erect then do a kegal. The I do a stretch with a reverse grip (palm down, thumb toward body) ‘O’ grip just around my circumcision scar and hold for about 2 minutes. The blood in the glans actually makes it easier to maintain a hold.

I haven’t checked what Sadsak’s glans exercise is but this is like a Uli/Stretch combo because you aren’t fully erect.

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Yes I do that same thing, an engorged head makes a better grip for stretching. When done right you have a nice flaccid hang with a large glans after the workout, its quite a visual turn on.

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