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My hands are hurting :S


It’s more the joints in my fingers. I now realize that is a bit confusing of me to you guys using fingers/hands. Since fingers don’t contain any muscles.

It’s the first and middle joint of my fingers, don’t know the English term for it, that are hurting when I jelq. I did up to 35 jelqs yesterday, and I’m already starting noticing difference.
Because I (almost completely) stopped snapping my finger/hand joints. Which is a very addictive thing :P

I’ll update if I know that ‘stop snapping joints’ really worked for me :)


2008-09-06: EL 6,100" |EG: 4.986

Goal: EL~7,5/8" | EG: ~6"

I had to quit using my hands for jelqing because of joint pain. I have osteoarthritis in both thumbs partly because I have always used my hands as “tools” and have put way too much stress on the joints. The other reason for the osteoarthritis is hereditary (thanks, mom).

I have used the Jelq device for several years with great results, with no joint pain at all. Sure, it’s overpriced, and if you are so inclined you can probably make one from “canning tongs” or “jar lifters” (used to remove sterilized jars from a pressure cooker when doing home canning of fruits and vegetables).

In using the Jelq Device, I have never had a problem of using too much force. As with all devices, it can certainly cause problems if it is used incorrectly.

In my case, I could not jelq without it.

(The noise you hear from cracking your knuckles is a result of releasing small amounts of gas from the interior of your joints.)

Here’s what Wikipedia says:


I quoted this from the Wikipedia link that damfino linked:

"But habitual knuckle crackers are more likely to have hand swelling and lower grip strength attributed to stretched tendons”.
I’d say this is the source of my problem! I’m already trying to stop with snapping my finger/hand joints :D And I hope I will see some results soon!


2008-09-06: EL 6,100" |EG: 4.986

Goal: EL~7,5/8" | EG: ~6"


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