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My hand cramps up way too quickly for manual stretching.

My hand cramps up way too quickly for manual stretching.

Like the title says my hands don’t have the conditioning. Oddly enough, they should be. I exercise regularly and I’m not sweating to the oldies, I do powerlifting. Here’s the thing, I’m only really looking for length. Fortunately every girl I’ve been with told me I’m the thickest they’ve had (I’m not bragging). Since my routine will be limited due to my hands, I want to focus on length.

Does anyone have tips for increasing my hand endurance or specifically targeting length? Should I be spreading this out over multiple sessions?

I’ve seen some sort of Jelq Device. Has anyone had some sort of experience with this?…duct/B003337HU2

Jelq devices don’t help for stretching. :confused:

You can do a few things that will help your grip.

a) use a towel;
b) put zinc powder on and under your glans;
c) use a reverse knuckle grip. That is: do ‘V’ with your fingers, like meaning ‘Victory’; then rotate your hand, so the palm is facing out; then place the fingers at the sides of your glans; then close fingers making them touch, with the thumble over them.

I worded my OP poorly. My hands get fatigued from manual stretching. I was thinking that the jelq device could save my hands during the jelqing portion.

I haven’t used a towel yet. I think that I may have to try that. I have been using baby powder.

I’m a little confused by this reverse knuckle grip. So far I’ve been using the space between my thumb and index finger. When you say make a V with my fingers, do you mean like the Vulcan sign from Star Trek? A picture would certainly help.

Originally Posted by marinera
do ‘V’ with your fingers, like meaning ‘Victory’; then rotate your hand, so the palm is facing out


That gets you to this:

Another way to think about it: Your fingers are like the claw of a hammer. Your glans is the nail head.

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Yep; thanks Sta. The sole difference is that when grabbing the glans the fingers should point to the floor, like this /\ (palm towards the ceil).

As soon as I can I’ll start a thread explaining this better, with a couple of pics.

I had a similar problem when first learning to play a certain musical instrument. It baffled me because I also was lifting weights. My instructor told me I was cramping because I was using muscles in a way they had never been used before. He said it would get better over time and he was correct although it took several months.

Hang in there.

More grip, less fatigue! Blu-Tack is good with the skin; try that.

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Well, It seems you don’t use your hands much’ That’s a sign that you should start exercising your hands’ A visit for the gym won’t hurt you :D

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