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My guy is bettering himself how can I?



Shongololo has a good thought there. My girfriend has been helping me PE for awhile now and it’s been great. Plus it’s nice to get another person’s perspective of it. It’s something of a turn on for her even after all these months. She likes the fact that she is helping me achieve my PE goals and feeling the improvements as well.

As for spicing things up, be creative but be you. My girfriend has been willing to try pretty much anything since we’ve begun to do PE together. Cockrings are great especially when when she puts the on. There’s just something about the look in her eyes when she sees it swell up and get thicker. It’s almost like animal lust. I’m pretty much putty in her hands at that point. Ahh…..but I digress. Honey dust and edible massage oils are cool too. You both can get pure enjoyment out of those things. Anyways just a few thoughts…….

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not so spicy

Hi everyone!
Longtime no post. I was sick and then the kids and well that is that. I have been reading on the boards but have not posted. I was down and out for a bit. I had asked you all how I could better myself and I felt the majority said Ask your husband or talk to him about it. So I did and he listened to me and then after I let it all out he said are you going through a soon to be 30’s something since you will be turning 30 next year? I was like What?? I just pour out all my desires that I want for both of us and you ask me if I am going through a “oh NO I am leaving my 20’s behind”! Not! So needless to say I felt stupid/disgusted and he didn’t have much to comment back about us spicing up the bedroom.

I was going to tell him about this forum but decided not to since he would think I am really off my rocker. Then he hurt himself PEing, something about the tip being tingling. But I felt I had to get back with you all that gave me so much feedback. Thanks for listening :) Happy Holidays!

MDH- don’t get discouraged, I think his reaction may be typical. It seems to me that a lot of times when bringing up sex related things with a significant other they tend to be caught off gaurd and don’t knw what to say- I know if someone asked me I’d be very wary and think “are they trying to trap me in something?”

I know when I’ve brought things up I have got reactions like this or even much worse, so I leave it alone for a month or two and then bring it up again. Usually at that point the reaction is better.

As far as the suggestion to “help” him with his PE I would think that might not be a good idea unless he asks. I would feel very wierd if my lady asked to help I might think “Is she not happy with me? does she want to change me? does she NEED bigger?”

just my two cents.

Wow, have I been out in la-la land. Welcome mdh!! I’m sorry it (welcome) came so late. I didn’t know we had another lady aboard. All the gentlemen here at T’s seem to appreciate the female perspective and as you have already seen are very attentive when asked questions.

It’s great you are helping your guy with peing. I think that’s an awesome statement of your intentions right there. Like you, I am perfectly happy with how my man is right now but I am appreciative that he is working on keeping his male parts healthy and strong.

The male consensus here seems to be that they like their ladies interested and available. Pretty basic. You already seem to be both of those. The hot topics here at T’s always seem to be blowjobs and anal. 789 gave great advise there. Watch out for RegularWhiteGuy ;) and as Sunny said, Cappy was messing with you…mostly.

I am curious though, and maybe this was already covered, but how did you come to T’s and your husband isn’t? Unless of course that’s too personal.


Oh, as far as his reaction to your hearfelt talk….I’m sure he will be fine. Once he figures out that all you want to do is please him and spice things all will be well. Isn’t it funny how when we bring something new up they expect the worst? Don’t you just love the look they give like you are an alien from another planet? Then the fear grips them and they freak. What have we ever done to make them act this way? Beats me!!! O:-)

Originally Posted by mdh711

Hmmm, We have attempted but not succeeded in that area. I need to look up more info in regards to anal sex. I’m open to it and so is he. I just get nervous.

Hell, Cappy is an anal sex veteran. I hate to admit it, but I can’t even hurt him any more. His ass is like a deep sea trench.


Hello and welcome! I too have been away from Thunder’s for several months so I apologize for the late welcoming. I became aware of PE through my boyfriend when we first started dating and he told me about it. I then became interested in how I too could improve myself for him. I heard about kegels and started doing them! I love them and the difference I think it has made for me. The only other thing that I do, is support him. I’ve learned a lot from being here and just reading, and occasionally bugging Cappy and a few of the others, lol. It’s a great place and a great way for both you and him to learn more about each other. Be open with him and as supportive as you can, that will honestly be the best way of “improving” anything for you two.


Well….ahem….there are a few exercises which, of course, I could show you. It’s tough to put them into words, I’d actually have to demonstrate them for you.

Rita M.M

My husband found out about PE from another place on the net and when he told me I became interested and did a search in goole and Wa La Thunder’s Place appeared.


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