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My Grand Introduction, devices, and history.

My Grand Introduction, devices, and history.

Just wanted to introduce myself officially. I’ve posted a few threads here and there, but now am getting into PE seriously. I’ve been doing PE or forms of PE for about 10 years on and off. I’ve only been doing PE that works for about 6 months and I will explain that. Also the genius devices inspired here at Thunder’s have inspired me to try a few of my own devices.

My first traumatic experience was when I was 10 years old, swimming with my older (and more developed) cousin at our local pool. My bathing suit was sky blue without a liner. Don’t remember why it didn’t have one. You could see right through it when it got wet. After swimming everyone at the pool was staring at me. I asked my cousin and he said you could see my tiny pecker. Don’t other kids know about shrinkage? This was the first blow.

When I was on the wrestling team in high school I would add toilet paper to my bulge to seem bigger (guys stuff too). Everyone else was the same size as me, but growing up seeing porn movies and magazines I believed I was tiny. In high school I was around 6 X 5. Thank goodness no one ever found out about the toilet paper. I would have had to move or go to homeschool.

Around fifteen was when my “experiments” started. I was about to lose my virginity to my long time girlfriend and was terrified mine would be too small. She was a virgin, but you don’t understand this stuff when you’re fifteen. I bought fish hooks, that’s right FISH HOOKS and inserted them only into the skin in the sides of my penis to stretch my member. Looking back I must have been ten mentally, I guess I was desperate. Obviously this did not work, and thankfully I am still a man.

About a year later I read an article in maxim magazine about a biker that wrote in saying that if you used a thick rubberband and a padlock you could stretch your dick. Well the rubberband cut off circulation and chaffed me so I decided to use masking tape and batteries. I worked a job where I would stand for long periods of time so it seemed perfect. Eventually I gave up on it due to the pain of re-tapping.

I gave up for about four years. Finally I started to get some wild experimental girls, instead of high school virgins. Now PE became a concern again. I went to the local sex shop and scoured the Internet. Pumps was my solution. It seemed so obvious back then. I ordered my first pump from lap-distrib. Because of the quality. I was only going to use the best from now on.

I got way overzealous and ordered a 10”X3” cylinder. I was packing the tube, but it came at a hefty cost. I had to pump for an hour a day. Being 21 and wanting to be free of this time constraint was a problem. Also it was painfull. I had to hold the vacuum trigger in one hand while pulling on my scrotum with the other. A few time my testicles got sucked into the tube. At the high pressure I was using it felt like they had been shoved under a door by a baseball bat.

Already having the vacuum I ordered a smaller size cylinder a year later. I had gave up on the large tube. This worked better, but I was still having the same problem. The charts at LAP-distrib. Are way off. I put both of them away and got a new size girlfriend. What a concept.

I started cheating on her with a looser girl and my paranoia came straight back. This is the point I decided to start inventing my own devices and experimenting with different creams and oil. I have had kidney disease and hypertension most of my life so and internal medication is out of the question. I did try one pill, it’s company got busted and I got a full refund. Back to the subject.

I tried leech oil bought off of eBay. I will tell you it makes your member swell, but there are no real gains. You just might become a bit vienier. Also it is not good for anyone with high blood pressure. Secondly I tried lip enhancing balm. I figured that if it increased the mass volume of ones lips why couldn’t it do the same for my manhood. Well it stings slightly on the lips. It burns like fryer grease on ones penis. Don’t try it if it is telling you on the package that it will sting a bit.

The last cream I bought was homemade by a seller off of eBay and I have another thread about it so I will not get into the details of it. I have had some success with it though. Now for the homemade devices.

I have always been inventive so I decided to make a few of my own contraptions. I have made a homemade hanging device which cost me around $2.50. I have made an ads which cost me around $5 and I am working on a new and improved ads as well as going back to pumping. Now with the right size cylinder. I am going to try Dr. Kaplan’s instead of lap-distr. I am also very interested in this pump that is shaped like a penis, does anyone know what it is called.

I don’t want to spoil the introduction of my homemade devices so they will be saved for a couple of weeks when they are perfected. I will post more threads about them. Lastly thanks Thunder and all the senior members and moderators. I have already gained so much. If I had stayed on the same path I truly believe I would not have had a penis to enlarge. If anyone wants to send me an PM feel free to.

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Originally Posted by gunnabhuge
I got way overzealous and ordered a 10”X3” cylinder. I was packing the tube, but it came at a hefty cost. I had to pump for an hour a day.

You were packing a 3” tube? That is 9.4”.

The tube was around 3 inches thick. I’d say the opening was about 2.5-2.75. Yes I was dumb. I can’t measure though. When I moved to my new place I threw away the pumps so my new girlfriend would not find out. Some garbage man is walking around right now with a third leg.

Originally Posted by gunnabhuge

J I bought fish hooks, that’s right FISH HOOKS and inserted them only into the skin in the sides of my penis to stretch my member.


Running a Massive Co-Front.

I always wished I’d got into PE earlier in life. Reading your posts I’m now very glad I didn’t. Fish hooks; yeeeeow! :eek:

It takes a bit of maturity to get into PE the right way. I was just a dumb teenager. Also this was ten years ago and I did not have the net. I still have the scars. They are just tiny little circles now. When one of my girlfriends asked about them I mad up some lie about having sex in a dangerous place. She was young so she bought it.

What is paramount here at Thunders and what sets it apart from lower quality sites, is that everyone is instructed to use the right amount of caution. There is a ton of evidence of how you can hurt yourself here, but there is also a ton of evidence of how you can prevent hurting yourself.

Surprisingly the skin on the outside of my dick is not very sensitive. I never understood how someone could withstand the pain of piercing their glans. Even I would never try that.

Gonnabhuge It’s great that you’ve found the focus to get into PE seriously, also trying to avoid injuries.

BTW have you ever thought about manual exercises? They’re quite safe and give control in what you do.

Check out my routine. I am getting some newbie gains already. I hang, jelq, & stretch. I am soon to get back into pumping. I am getting married around the end of this year so my goal is 8X6.3 I think with pumping you have to have a cock ring or a device to keep you fully engorged for it to have a permanent effect. Like I said I am working on a new ads and will reveal it here once it is done. Everything that I design (though some things look very crude) are extremely simple to make and cost less than $10. Thanks for the comment.


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