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My Glans ( Head) Is The Only Thing That's Growing


My Glans ( Head) Is The Only Thing That's Growing

I’ve been looking through all of the threads and can’t really find anyone else with this situation. I’m not complaining, I’ll take something over nothing, but as my penis is starting to look like a triceratops, I’m wondering if the head will keep getting disproportionately larger than the shaft. I’m thinking my wife will start asking questions soon. Just wondering if anyone else has this? It seems like the opposite, everyone says the glans is the most difficult to gain in.

I think that is pretty unusual. It seems, at best, that some guys glans grow at approximately the same rate as their girth gains. A lot of guys tend to notice slower glans growth. If at all. What is your PE routine?

:_pump: :donatecar

10 minute heat lamp warm up, 10-15 minutes stretching (I just pull in different directions). 10-15 minutes of wet jelqing, but I was doing dry jelqing before last week. Then I’m kind of lazy with kegels, I just do them when I’m walking around after pe.

I notice that my head tends to be engorged when I’m stretching, and it’s really engorged when I’m jelqing(to the point where there are no cracks and it gets shiney), even more so with wet jelqing. After I’m done, when I kegel, my head seems to be the only thing that expands. I’m thinking it might be genetic, but I’m kind of worried that the rest won’t gain anything. Granted my wife loves mushrooms, so maybe it won’t be a bad thing.

Stop jelqing and do more stretching. Stop the pressure to the glands for awhile. Even though you notice that your head tends to be engorged when stretching, That is not a bad thing.

If your glands get engorged while stretching, then that may be the exercise for you since you would be doing 2 things in parallel, gaining for length and gaining gland size. The girth can

come later. You need to mix things up and see what works for you.

I really need the girth though, as I’m only 4.5”. Is jelqing best for girth? I’m not really into trying hanging and pumping, and clamping seems straight up dangerous.

Originally Posted by average2014

I really need the girth though, as I’m only 4.5”. Is jelqing best for girth? I’m not really into trying hanging and pumping, and clamping seems straight up dangerous.

Have you been doing penis enlargement exercises for a while? If your penis is conditioned you could do Horse 440 Squeezes That might get you the girth you desire without focusing on the head so much.

Start 2/27/14: BPEL 6"/ EG 5" ==> 6.5"/ 5.25"

Now: Taking a break!

Make a Donation Everybody's doing it.:cancer:

I’m not thinking I’m conditioned enough for that yet. Thanks though, maybe I’ll try it in a few weeks, starting off very lightly. Seems pretty intense when I found a video on google.

Try not putting pressure on the CS, only the CCs when jelquing. Further info:

Photo anatomy

Very interesting link, I’ll have to read into this more. Thanks

My glans is pretty large

Did you have a similar experience with pe BP Tony?

No average I just always had a pretty big glans in length, not that it really mushrooms out, which I’d like it to do. I’ve only recently begun the journey and basically jelq, stretch and use an extender. I am just under 7” x 6”

From my experience, I have always gotten a lot of compliments on the size of my glands vs my shaft. It is a good amount thicker than the shaft, so it gives them a really nice feel when entering and leaving them. I think having larger glands is something to strive for.

I’m probably most concerned about my wife noticing. I could probably explain, but she would definitely think it’s weird. I tried jelqing in a way that didn’t engorge the glans, but couldn’t do it. I’ll just stick with my routine, and enjoy the whatever growth occurs. I actually think it’s looking cool, but I’m wondering if it’s going to get too mushroomy. That’s why I asked the peanut gallery, hoping someone has a similar experience. I am developing some theories about ways to jelq that could increase glans size, but wanted to browse the threads to see if it’s already common knowledge.

What if you did an ok grip around the glands and then did dry jelqs, not letting go of ok grip around glands until set is finished.

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