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My girth journey

My girth journey

I’m 18 , started out with PE yesterday with the newB routine , I used to be fit , but now I’m 2 fat , maybe 40 pounds overweight , I measured my penis yesterday before the ‘workout’

NBPEL 6” EG 5.5” , my BPEL is 6.7” , I’m on a diet rigth now and sure I will lose a good part of the fat pad . My ultimate goal is 6.5” Length and 6” Girth , here are my questions

1) is this is a realistic goal

2)is 6.5”x6” enough to satisfy a woman

3)is jelqing more a girth or length exercise

4)I have alot of veins on my dick , should I jelq with 70% erection or 50% ?

5)is PE a way to get rid of that damn upward curve

6) is it better to have a low or high erection angel

1-Yes, it is realistic goal.

2-Size does matter, but it’s not a priority. Be empathic, romantic and find what makes Your partner pleasure. Both now and after achieving the goal You van satisfy women.

3-I gain mostly girth. As far as I know, lower erection jelq is for mostly length, higher erection for girth. Find out if it works for You in this way.

4-About 60% is good. During PE You will see which erection level is best for You.

5- It can straighten the friend, but not in 100% PE-ers. Besides, is it bad to have a banana-shaped willie?

6-It’s just like point 5. Your opinion is worth. I don’t think erection angle can have something with gains, so it’s up to You.

It is good that You started in 18 years old. You have much time to achieve the goal, so beware of overtrain. Also it is good that You have very realistic goal- not 9x7 for example.

Hope it helps. Happy PE yourney.

Is 6.5x6 enough to satisfy a woman?

I would hope so, otherwise the vast majority of men would never get a woman.

I really don’t understand how this question is so common. What kind of women do you guys hang around?

I know having a big penis is great but I’m not just patronizing the small guys when I say that even the little ones can “satisfy” many women, even if they believe they are supposed to think bigger is always better. If not, it’s more likely psychological than physical - having a great time with a small penis doesn’t give women something to brag to their friends about, even if they thought the sex itself was great.

Ironically that’s usually the mindset you have to get out of before you can find the strength to improve yourself, otherwise you way never feel you are happy with yourself, making your journey much more difficult.

Your only 18 !! , the skys the limit ,, I WISH I knew about PE when I was 18 ,, I would be a monster by now ;-)

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