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My girlfriend saw it


We try for every Sunday at a minimum but sometimes that plan doesn’t work.. Dang it!

The weekends are the best times for us too because our work schedules differ so dramatically.

Originally Posted by JagWire
Just wanted to report, my girlfriend saw my penis for the first time since I’ve been making gains, and she said it looked bigger! She said it was kind of hot and kind of exciting to her. I told her we’re not having sex till her birthday so that she can be all surprised when it’s bigger. I told her about the PE a little while ago. She thought it was a little odd, but at the same time curious. I think that she’s into the idea even tho she doesn’t lead on.
It was really a thrill to hear her say that it looked bigger. I hope my story is encouraging for anyone else who’s starting out!

Any we are waiting for your birthday why ??

Look just give her my phone number ok ;)


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