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My Gains

My Gains

I started 2.5 weeks ago and I am extremely pleased with my results after this short period of time.

7.65 BP x 4.75 EG

8.125 BP x (not sure now)

NBP: 8.125 - .25 (you do the math)

That is truly some sweeeeet gains. Good job!


Enjoy those early gains!! Nothing could be sweeter for a beginning :D


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



Did you flaccid size increased as well? or just you erected size?

I am now 8.25 BP!! 8 NBP!!

(And it’s not because I didn’t have a full erection last time)


Okay, I got to measuring my girth today, and I found out good news.

I gained just under .25 inches. So, I’m about 5” girth now.

yo thats dope good job dude. what routine were you doing?


My routine started out with warm wraps, 200 - 300 jelqs, and 30 minutes of manual stretches (completely flaccid).
I have increased to 500 - 600 jelqs and I am applying a little more pressure to my manual stretches. I also do kegels whenever I think of them.

I measured again and my BP is now 8.3-8.5!!

If I was told I could gain this much in so little time before I started, I would never have believed it.

0.85” gain, pretty impressive, congratulations!

I have started recently but I am nowhere near these gains.

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