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My gains only seem to be flaccid

My gains only seem to be flaccid

Recently when I’ve been doing stretching exercises I notice that my flaccid “stretch” is probably about a half inch or so longer than when my penis gets erect. Is it normal to have a penis that seems to be getting gains only while flaccid? Also it’s looking a lot fuller when flaccid, but still I can’t stick a flaccid dick in a woman!

There as a corelation between flaccid gains and eventual erect gains, but it takes time , and each is different in their response to PE.

When I first started I got good flaccid results and now I hang about 5 1/2” flaccid.

I put this down to constant stretches during the day and consistant PE discipline since december `09.

Recently I have been doing two-handed stretches that target sections of the shaft of my dick. I do 100 or so at a time with one hand holding tight at the base, while the other pulls working up to tugging under the glans.

Since I started doing this I have gained another 1/2” of flaccid hanging length which I`m hoping will equate eventually to erect length, as I`m trying to break 7” before christmas this year. (1/8” to go)

Any gains are good gains, shows your exercises are working. Erect gains will not be far behind I’m sure. How long you been at it?

Start- Some time in 2004.. 6" BPEL, 4.5" Mid-EG (Really lazy at PE)

Current.. 7.8" BPEL, 5.7" Mid-EG

Goal(Time to get serious).. 8" BPEL, 6" Mid-EG

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