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My gains for a month and some questions.


Yes of course, I’m taking this into consideration, but sometimes (most of the times) I’m getting errect really fast while jelqing, and I jelq like half of the time about 80% errect. I know that this is bad, but I can’t help it, my unit gets harder after 20-30 jelqs.. Do you get this as well ?

Another question, what are you using for hanging ? I fashioned something myself, and my main concern is that it’s squeezing my unit in the middle of the schaft, it’s not 100% vertical.

My erection decreases as I jelq, I find it to be boring and entirely laborious. I aim to jelq between 50-70%.

If you read the extender thread I’ve just replied to, you’ll see the link to the silicone sleeve I use for hanging. I essentially, attach the sleeve cable to a clamp, then lock the clamp on to a large vitamin C pot like this:…0031891_300.jpg

filled with coins which I weighed out (including the weight of the pot) for a grand total of about £13 (23 USD roughly)

That price includes the sleeve, the vitamin pot, and the pennies to fill it (but not the kitchen scales) works really well for me.

As I posted before, if you are developing hard fiber tissue, you have a problem. This condition should be checked out by an urologist. Stop everything you are doing until you find out what is going on with yourself. As far as I know, you only get one penis per customer,no refunds, no exchanges. Take great care of the one you have AND SEE A DOCTOR!


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