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With 4,175 posts,I’d figure you are sort of a vet here. What makes Non-sense to you could be sense to others. Im sure you realize that we are here to discuss and debate Ideas, routines,programs and not to DISCOUNT OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS.

His 6 on 1 off schedule with the routine he has is a bit more than I’d digest. Abusing the same tissue for 6 days a week doesnt make sense unless he wants his dick falling off. Moreover, you dont take enough rest doesn’t mean that you should encourage others not to take any.

Long! Its your fucking dick. Go at it with full steam. If you gain, its still your dick.

Yes, I am a vet and helped many people with my advice which they greatly appreciate and almost never hear that what I said is nonsense. The same goes for you. Normally you give very good advice and I appreciate it that you try to help people as much as possible but when you say something that is incorrect, I correct you. In my opinion I need do this to give you insight in something you might not know enough about. This happened several times when I had your amount of posts. It isn’t an attack, hope you didn’t take it this way.

In your original post you said that your dick needs at least 2 days of absolute no PE. This is plain nonsense in my opinion, many of the big gainers have done PE daily or 6/1. Only for newbies 1/1 or 2/1 and later 3/1 is the way to go. He ain’t a newbie so 6/1 is acceptable for him. Also saying that 6/1 doesn’t make sense unless someones dick falls off implies that you haven’t read many stories about fellow PE members. If you did, you wouldn’t have said that.

Finally I see kegels as a part of PE. Doing kegels daily is advised. This means that when someone follows up that advice, he does PE daily.