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My frustration.


The biggest thing you should realize, is your size is the last thing from her mind. If you haven’t made it move, it’s much, much more likely that she’s thinking, “why doesn’t he like me? Am I too fat? Does he think I’m too old?”

Guys here who think women are really thinking about their dick size crack me up. The majority of women are vastly more insecure about their bodies, than we are about our dicks.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Dude i fucked a random hottie at my best friends b-day part and she was fricking lovin it. Seriously she was the first girl ive felt really confident having sex with. Im 5.7 x 5.1………When your inside a vag your dick is like a quarter inch longer as well. Your head expands

Dude, WTF are you worrying about? You’re alright man- I don’t know what your dimensions are, but another poster said he was smaller and by looking at that, I’m thinking what is this guy worrying about? Make love with this woman, don’t worry about insecurities… if its your first time, don’t worry you’ll do fine. Seriously, your dick isn’t the issue here, its your mind. Spend lots of time on foreplay, find her clit and work it like you’re making love to a goddess. Don’t tell her about your dick insecurities.

I feel what you’re going through. Twin is right, don’t mention your size. I’ve been PEing off and on for five years. It took me almost two years with manual exercises to increase length from 5.2-5.6 inches. After a two-year hiatus, I started back again 13 months ago and has gained for tents of an inch. I have been hanging employee progress was thwarted due to having a small flaccid penis. The flaccid size has increased over a half inch in the past year and I have dramatically increased my weight and hang time in the past two months. I believe everyone can grow they just have to work through the stagnant periods.

Girthquest, you’ll do just fine. Almost certainly she has experience and probably expects you to be average, and you are definitely average. Your psyching yourself out. No worries bro, everything will work out alright, just be yourself.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

I think you’re way smaller in your mind than in actuality.

Cocks between 5 and 6.75 are considered one and the same I believe by most women. (They don’t notice a difference unless looking for it). Under 5 would be considered small and over 7 would be considered large. You’re right on in there with John Doe. (I think you said ~6x4?)

The last thing you want to do is reveal your insecurity about this. I did it before and it was a HUGE (Enormous, Colossal, Gigantic, Mammoth, Monumental etc) mood killer (and not just for that night either).

Be confident.. etc. Pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

Believe your cock is huge and it will be huge.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

I am in a pretty similar situation to you and I’m sure many other guys have been aswell. I am smaller than you at around 5”, I have had sexual partner and nothing was said about my size but I still find myself worrying about how the next girl will react. I think guys like us have just got to go for it, I really don’t think girls can picture how big a penis should or shouldn’t be, but I no how your feeling.

I’m gona try get myself back out there however small it is and you’ve got a bit more than me lol, so go for it mate.

TP makes me wonder if sex ed courses (for the joke that they are) should cover genital size/body image issues. I mean, I’m basically 6 X 5, and sure, I’ve had my obsession about size (well, I do spend a heck of alot of time on this site and with PE), but man, It’s really starting to…. well…. piss me off that all these average dudes (like myself) are having to feel inadequate and developing complexes.

it’s one thing to want a bigger cock cause it’s hot or you want to please your lady - whatever. But certain extremes of issues I’ve seen on TP are really sad and ridiculus. It’s like the difference between eating healthy and anorexia.

The missed opportunities to form meaningful and fulfilling realationships.. yadda yadda… It’s BS. OR, the fact that dudes have to feel ashamed to be naked in front of other dudes? I mean, perfectly healthy, normal people having to be ashamed of their bodies? If only the 8X6ers were to get laid- heck, even 7x5ers, then we would all (least mostly) be 8x6 or 7x5. I think we definitely need some kind of education, early on (5th, 6th grade?), that deals with this in order to counter act the negative (and false) image of ideal (or normal) size that saturates popular culture.

I agree with everyone here. I’ve had my share of girls back in the day. My dick size was never on my mind. I just wanted to get some. And you know what? I did. And did they enjoy the sex? Yup.

Our perceptions of what normal is is limited to what we see. We don’t get to see erect dicks anywhere but in porn. (Or in TP forum.) And in those places, the dicks can get pretty huge. Your perception is skewed. Go tap that.

You want an ego boost? Masturbate, and then once you get fully hard, start counting the strokes without breaking rhythm. Then break the rhythm a little, and then go back to it. Keep a total count. If you can get to 300 with a rock hard woody, in 50 thrust increments, you’ll blow her away. Always rehearse like this when you jack it. Condition yourself for longevity during rhythm. Use your body to move it much of the time, not your kegels, that will give you more staying power. If you go doggie style (not likely for the first time), put your hand on your hip casually to calm your body. That’ll give you more staying power too.

Dude, it’s not what you got, it’s how you use it. That’s no lie. You got plenty. (The first time with a new woman is like drugs)

Wait a minute.the OP was from before Valentines day.HOW DID IT GO?

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50


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