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My first week and I am liking it.

My first week and I am liking it.

I know it has only been a week on the newbie routine, but I can see a little progress. I penis hangs lower, is heavier. I haven’t measured because I know it is too soon, right now I am 7” my goal is 8” but I know that will take a while.

Thanks for this site.

Hey beowolf,

It has only been week for me too (3 sessions) and I have already noticed gains too, but unlike you I couldn’t resist the urge to go without measuring. Apparently I have gained 0.2 inches and I am now 7 inches on the dot. Unfortunately after reading several posts these aren’t permanent gains and will go away if we stop, but it is still a good boost in confidence.

Yea I know those gains will be gone if I stop, but I don’t plan on stopping. I am 7” and I want to get to 8”. This will be a life long activity for me.

I’m new to this forum, but not new to PE. I was 7.25, but stopped for about a year. I am now 6.75 with 5 EG. I lost .5 inches in length, but kept all the girth I had gained. My goal is 8 x 5.5. A little advice, keep a towel near your bathroom sink and every time you go in, wet the towel with hot water and wrap it around dick. Pull your dick then wrap the towel around and hold it with your hand around your dick. Do this even if your just going to take a piss, not just for work out. You don’t have the towel wrapped for a long time, just a minute or so. Believe me this really helped me out when I first started and I still do this.


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