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My first post.

My first post.

Hello, I have never posted here before I have been reading a lot around the forum but I am not finding what I need.

My specs: 2 inches soft and 5 inches hard dunno how to get width correctly.

I am kind of scared to have sex with my girlfriend, when that time does come because of my size, I was wondering if there really was a quick and when I say quick I don’t mean this moment. Type thing that I could do to make me 2 inches longer and a little thicker in 1 months time, even 1 1/2 Months time?

Sorry if this has been said here before but I am a n00b :-D


Hi and welcome! The short answer to your question is no, it is not possible. It is long term project that requires a lot of dedication. Check out the newbie threads, there are tons of the kind of information you need. I’m a newbie myself btw.

Unless you have a really thick pubic fat pad and are prepared to reduce it by liposuction, or perform other types of surgery on your member, the answer is no.

Yeah, this would be longer process which requires much dedication and perseverance, and if you hurry with it you’ll probably end up with an injury.

Welcome to the forums. Forget the 2 inches in one month or even 1 1/2 months. It’s not going to happen. Like Unicorn said, this takes a lot of time and dedication.

Don’t forget to read the forum guidelines.

You should get newbie gains which can be quit allot. Maybe not 2 inches but you should get a fraction of an inch in the first few weeks.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Wow lots of replies, lol, Thank you all for welcoming me, and thanks for the info, I guess I should start getting started then.

Thanks again.

Also do any of you have any tips on gaining length I am gonna go search now but I was wondering if any of you could recommend some. Thanks.

If you have the time you might want to get into hanging but only after you condition yourself first. Hanging will give you length.

Hey JoeJoe,

You might want to drop the idea of “quick” gains. Either that or there are a few sites you can pay $50 and get 2 inches in a week. (Yes, that is sarcasm) Guys get hurt with the get long quick method. Check out the links in my signature to get you started then tape this saying to your mirror. LESS IS MORE!! Don’t go getting yourself hurt. You have only one dick, don’t ruin it.



The Poster Formerly Known as Prince (Ynarevith73) is right. Quick gains, also known as Newbie Gains, will occur but 2 inches would be setting the bar too high for you. Click on my Holy Trinity of PE Sticky to gain some perspective.

Thanks for the signature idea XL.


Glad to be of service. :horse:

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