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My First Post

My First Post

I have been lurking here at Thunder’s for awhile and think that it is finally time to get my short story out. (5 minutes of fame)

The reason I became interested in P.E. is probably like many here. Some traumatic incident left me feeling slightly below par. It was probably 2 years ago on a road trip to New York. I called myself taking one for the team! To prepare for this chick I had to drink myself into a coma because of how ugly she was. The things you do for your friends! Any way we are laying on the bed and she pulls my cock out and looks at it, and then looks at me, and blurted out honey your just a little too small for me! I’m thinking well thank you dammit…I’m saved! But her comment did hurt my ego. I’m like others here, I also want to hear just once “Your Huge”.

I’m average at 6.5 NBPEL, and by the way I’m African American.

(For the many who have argued the Black Male myth topic and are wondering I have many friends who are also African American who are average and many who are below.) So please let it go!

I started P.E. recently by ordering a bib hanger and have been hanging any chance i can get. My problem is I let one of my buddies con me into moving in with me for awhile. That was a bad move. I feel like I’m in college again with a roommate. For any privacy at all I have to keep my bedroom door closed and dread him knocking on the door while I have 15 lbs. hanging off my cock. I just talk to him through the door.

This week I decided if I want to P.E. the way I want to, I have to get rid of him. (And so you know I’m not a cruel guy for kicking him out, I will state that he’s not working, just eating, sleeping and playing Play Station games all day, and leeching off of his girlfriend who also lives with her mother, they need to get their own damn place. And he’s 350 lbs. , so I had to kick him out nicely).

My routine is primarily hanging. My goal is not 8x6, my goal is to hear “Your Hung” or any variation of that!

To also comment I read someones recent post on wrapping material. I have had complications with wrapping material irritating my skin. In pursuit of a more comfortable traction wrap I stumbled onto the perfect material. I destroyed 5 neckties to make sure the material was consistent inside of them. They have this cotton material inside of them that gives them their shape. Obviously the material starts out wide at the bottom and thins out at the end. This was perfect for a bottom layer material. I then go over this with self adhesive 3 inch ace bandage. That burning feeling I got from the ace bandage against my skin no longer exist and I can wear this all day after hanging!

Well people as we say ” It’s been real”

Nice first post, newcredit. Welcome to Thunders. I can tell already you’ll be a great addition.

I 2nd Ike’s statement… Your intelligence literally jumps out of your introduction with the way you wrote it.. You will be awesome to have around…


Welcome to the board newcredit!

Nice first post. :up: I like your writing style, and I 3rd Ike’s statement. You’ve got a nice starting size to build upon, so good luck with the privacy issue and keep us posted on your progress.

Thank you for the welcome guys. The positive and enthusiastic attitudes along with the great information supplied by Thunder’s members is what keeps me coming back. I look forward to keeping you posted on my progress!

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

You’re not avarage at 6.5NBP, the avarage is 6.0 BP.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Good luck on gaining. I know the pep-talks get tired after awhile but keep in mind that you fall into the high end of average, so you’re already ahead of the game.
Also— rereading your post; The beast with the loose mouth probably also had a loose baby chute. She said it was “too small for her” - not the other 3 billion women out there.

And she was ugly.

You’re in the right place————Cap

Yeah,she was just a stupid bitch like Captn said. I had something similar happen when I lost virginity,and the only good thing about is that you are here now doing something positive while she is probably out getting it on with telephone poles and fire hydrants.


Welcome aboard, newcredit! Sounds like you’ve done your reading and know what it’s going to take to achieve your goals. Be sure to keep everyone updated on your progress. Good luck!

Welcome to the board. If you’re new to hanging, 15 lbs. is pretty heavy. Be careful.

Chickenchoker you might just be right on that one! Thanks for the links, I will give that a try.

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

First off… You are way over avarage.

Second… Welcome! A good first post! You have to understand people who believe in the myth about blacks being bigger since the whole porn industry supports the myth. This is an online forum… What DO you think these people do when they are not surfing around the forum? ;)

Third… I hate bitches of that sort. There are several people that have come here with a same kind of story like yours, it makes me wonder how many have actually experienced such a situation. Some people have no concern in other people’s feelings. You should’ve “opened up” as for return to her yourself: “Well I think you are just plain ugly.”, or along those lines. :D

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."


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