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My first post

My first post

Hey guys, just joined the site today but I have been reading posts in the forum for like 2 weeks now. I have some experience with PE as I purchased pills which came with exercises about 1 year ago. I basically did PE for 6-7 months straight and even though I noticed some gains, I really didn’t put enough time into it. I did maybe 10-15 minutes a day (stretches and jelqing) which I know isn’t enough time. I recently stopped for 2-3 months as I needed knee surgery after getting hurt playing roller hockey. I definitely could see the little gains I had are now gone. I started PE again 1 week ago but I will definitely be reading the forums for some ideas. Thanks, Joe

Welcome Joe, good to see you aboard.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place joeg66. :-k All the latest newbies seem awfully sensible.

They must have been vetted or something :gulp:

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

Hiya joeg66! I’m new here too :) Welcome welcome!

- Dark Blight

I just registered yesterday, however, I’ve been “lurking” unregistered for about 10 months. I went to register a few times, but it always seemed to be one of the days registrations were closed. When I finally got the day right, registrations were suspended for a while. The fear that I missed out was very motivating, and I checked persistantly for the opportunity to register. Lurking paid of though, there is quite a bit of valuable information available without registering, and although I didn’t quite get the imortance of accurate measuring before I started PEing, I’ve gained at least a half an inch in length. I seem a little stuck lately, but I plan on turning up the commitment, which started with actually registering.

The good thing is I may be a newbie, but don’t have a lot of newbie questions.

Thanks to all who share their experiences at Thunders, I think it saves a lot of guys from hurting themselves.

Newbies! Welcome. Good luck

Walk slowly but never backwards.

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