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My first post....

My first post....

HI everyone! I’m new to the PE area but have been doing alot of research on it. This forum is by far the most helpful and educational that I’ve seen so far :) I’ve read just about all the posts I could before begining my workout as I am anxiuos to get started:) I am putting together a routine and will post it once finished and any constructive criticism is most welcome:)
I would just like to thank Thunder for helping me get my registration straight.

I’ve read a bunch of forums and you guys seem to be the most helpful with questions and friendly support. Thanks in advance to you all and good luck with all of your goals!!

Hey Stryke nice to meet you,

You’ve read the forum cover to cover? and you’re posting in the newbie forum. I like you already :)

Nice to meet you too Memento.

I’m a follow the rules kinda guy i guess:)
After all you guys are the pro’s in my book;) There is tons of useful information in here as you already know. But for a newb like myself in this area……I just hit the jackpot!!

Thanks again….


Go for the GOALd!

Welcome to the board Stryke!

I wish you good gains.

And, hey do feel free to ask the silly questions in this forum. If you’ve read everything already you might not need to, but there’s reading and then there’s practise and sometime explanations are confusing (uli #3 from the faq for example).

I’m still suprised how much I learn talking to people with maybe a fresher outlook.

I won’t strike the normal words of caution about running before walking and such because you already know.

I think we’re all quite friendly here, even Thunder himself despite his current tendancy for a forum guidelines post every other post to the bemusement of a few newbies ;)

Hi again Memento.

Funny that you mention the uli #3. That was one of the latest things that I read:) Just thought it was funny that you used that example.

And for Thunder’s sake, If all of us new people read the newbie forums Thunder could have more time keeping up this sweet site!!!

ie. Read the instructions before you break it!! he-he


Go for the GOALd!

And thank you for the welcome SS :)


Go for the GOALd!


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