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My First Post Questions

My First Post Questions

This is my first post and I have a few questions and concerns. I have been doing PE for about two weeks, using the wet jelqing tech. I usally take a bath first then start the PE with stretching first, then about 20 mins of jelq, followed by warm cloth on my penis. This morning I noticed a lump at the end penis below the head. When I got an erection I noticed the veins at the end we’re very hard and swollen on the right side, with mild pain. #1) What did I do wrong? #2) What should I do now?

My goal is to reach 8” EL x 6” EG, my current measurements are below and want to know if this possible and if anyone with similar starting size and goals has made it. How long did it take? What is a good routine to achieve this.

Many Thanks in advance..

Current stats:

BPEL = 7.1”
EG = 5.6”

Newbie Routine

NB: 10 mins jelq.

Pain is there for a reason. It’s saying for the love of god stop, rest and take care of your body. I’d stick to heat and massage (gentler than you think you should) for a few days. Tissue needs time to heal.

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