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My First post and question

My First post and question

Hello everyone,

I’ve been reading here and doing PE for a couple of months now. I find posting seems almost unnecessary as there is so much information to answer most of my questions by simply reading, and I don’t have experience enough to answer others questions. I am 6’3” and 225#’s in pretty decent physical condition. I feel my penis is on the small side for my body size at 7”-7.25”BPEL, 6.25”-6.5” NBPEL and only 4.75”-4.875” mid shaft EG and 5”-5.125” base EG (girth and length varies a little with erection quality). The stats I posted are current and after seeing some small gains I believe (or my measuring technique has become more efficient). Enough about my stats though, my main question is: I have noticed that my mid shaft EG is a solid 5” when I am partially erect and thins with a full erection, Is this a possible sign of future full EG gains or is the a normal occurrence that is consistent with others? I am mainly concerned with EG as I feel my penis is a bit thin. By the way, the people here at TP seem to be a great group of people, and I’m glad I wandered upon this site.

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Hey Harrington, welcome to the posting side of the forum.

Concerning your question - I think what you describe is just normal. I know that is how it is for me, at least.

Happy gains!

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Thank you for your welcome and your answer Chicken. I was never really concerned with my girth until reading here and seeing so many people with 5+” in girth and such a large portion seem to be 5.5” or larger. I hope the girth gains come eventually. The 5” mid shaft that I see prior to full erection seems to be new, and feels thicker. I don’t remember it being this way before PE, that’s why I was wondering if others experienced the same thing or if it was odd that I thinned at full erection.

Normal occurrence, happens to me to.

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Hi Harrington.

If it can occasionally reach 5” Mid girth then you should be able to get 5” with a full erection after doing some routines.

Probably some pumping later on will be useful; when you are fully conditioned.

Good luck!


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Thank you guys. It’s at least a few of you seem to have experienced the same thing. At least I’m not an oddball. (Well, as far as this subject goes anyway :) )

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