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My First Post and I'm Ready


My First Post and I'm Ready

I’m a newbie. I’m very excited about this. I just start my workout today and I’m already convinced that it will work. Unfortunately, I’m the type of person that likes to spent (waist) money and believe that taking pills will help me enlarge my penis. I’ve read many of the threads on here about the enlargement pills. Most say they’re a waist of time. So, I took the advice and didn’t buy any, but I did order some L-Arginine. I’m kind of afraid to get the tribulus terrestris because of some of the things that we’re said about them. The mood swings are what turned me off, I don’t need any other reasons to start arguments with my wife. I’m currently 7” erect, 5” girth. My goal is 8” and 5 1/2 - 6 girth. I’m convinced that this a reachable goal and hope that I CAN reach this goal. Question: I have one of those Max Xtenders that I haven’t used or opened even. Just wondering if I should give it a try or just try and sell it? I read some comments here about them, good and bad, but I’m still not completely sure. I just want all the help I can get in achieving these goals. Thanks

Dunno about Max Extenders. Others will.

L-a is a good supplement, if you keep up with it and you have no physical downside from it (diahhrea; farting that doesn’t ease off; stomach upset.) All these are not common but could occur.

Start maybe with 1.5 grams a day, work up to 3 grams/day all doses, 3 x a day, taken on an empty stomach. At the worst, you will produce a greater volume of semen. Well, at worst you may fart a whole lot, for awhile. All of us being chemically different, we all react differently to these supps.



Welcome killatey_46. stay consistent with your routine and you will gain my friend.

Good luck mate.

Hey killatey,

Keep that Max Extender in the box for at least six weeks while you get started on the newbie routine.

Myself, I would throw the thing away and not even pass it on to someone else looking to gain. The noose type extenders just don’t make sense to me. The more tension you apply the tighter the noose. Not good.

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Good luck achieving your goals! Its amazing how much useful information is on this site.

Thanks guys!

Hey Killatey, Welcome to the forum. Looks like you are ready to go. And a forum donater already. That’s what I call dedication. I see a large penis in your future. (Your’s, not mine, cause I’m married and heterosexual) ANYWAY. Good luck to you.


I’m coming up on a month of PEing. I’ve been pretty consistent with the workouts, but I often slip up and masturbated after sessions. Oh, and would somebody please help me get rid of this curve to the left. Any suggestions?

The extender is unnecessary and if you want to work on the curve you will be better served hanging over your left thigh (inducing a contra stretch) to lengthen the retarded side and thereby straightening your member.

Banned for posting bullshit.

Over the left thigh?

Originally Posted by killatey_46
Over the left thigh?

He’s referring to OTL hanging (over the leg). Glossary :leftie:

You can also stretch in a way to mimic an OTL hang. However, if you’re curve is to the left, I’d suggest that you hang/stretch over your right thigh—fight against the curve. You can also do V-stretches, with the finger, thumb, other instrument being used to apply pressure to your shaft to from the V shape being on the right side of your shaft—again, to fight the curve.

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Originally Posted by killatey_46

…but I often slip up and masturbated after sessions.

And don’t worry about this fact. Masturbation does not effect gains.


Are you sure, RTG? We better ask Westla.

I better make sure he doesn’t have a copyright on that statement.


Time to whip out your check book to pay some royalties.


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