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My first month gains and some few questions


My first month gains and some few questions

Hi everyone,
I want to share with you my contentment for my gains and ,also,ask you something…
I have started PE in 15/05/2005, my starting size , how I explained in my presentation post,was:

BPEL:6.118(15,54 cm)
EG:5.118(13 cm)

Now after one month my size is:

BPEL :6.69(17 cm)
EG: 5.8(almost 14 cm)

I’m very proud of my little gain and I will persist in my routine.

… And,now, about my routine I want to ask you something…
I split my routine in two: one morning PE session (about 30 minutes) and one afternoon session (much more intense ,about 50 min)
It’s a good thing to divede the daily routine in two session or it’s better focalize my attention in just one ?

Once more annoying question:

I registred some sort of baseball effect, but mine it’s reversed… I mean that my base girth grow much better that the shaft… So I have a sort of cone cock that doesn’t look so good.
Any advise about that?

Thanks in advantage

It’s very common to split up your routine. I split mine as well. I do 3 short sessions durning the day and then a longer session right before bed. Whatever works for you. If you are seeing gains (which you are , congrats :thumbs: ) then stick with it.

I have larger base girth as well. I kind of like it to tell you the truth. Especially when I go balls deep in the Mrs. It gives her a little surprise she wasn’t expecting. :mwink: If you want to try to even things out just start your jelq stroke higher up the shaft or go slower through the smaller section. Make sure you keep good expansion for longer periods to promote better growth.


hah the cone cock. :) As far as that goes, don’t worry or too bothered by it for right now. As you gain more expierence in PE and keep reading the information we have here at Thunder’s that people posted for PE then you will eventually try new PE excersizes and figure out a way to even out your cone. In fact it is good for you to have more girth towards the bottom of your shaft (which can be a effect of hanging too) for girth gains.

In my expierence it is harder to get the girth around the base unless you’re into hanging which I just started doing (very cool I love it, takes a few days to get the hang of it though). I know there are special girth type PE excersizes that can aid in base girth and some like uli’s which are good for head(glans) size and mid-shaft girth. Divide and conquer as is always said my friend. And like SlackJawedYokel said above do what works for you. Also pay attention to the PE wisdom given by RoomToGrow above. Keep expiermenting each day and figure new things out for yourself as well as learn from all the great information here at Thunder’s. :)

If you ever hit a plateau (most people do eventually) and are not making gains anymore for a few weeks, that means it’s time to try some new things in PE like clamping for girth, girth excersizes, new manual stretchs, hanging, pumping, etc. BTW congrats on your new gains, I know it is always a great feeling!

Don’t Worry about “cone cock”. Many vacuum cylinder companies manufacture their cylinders to taper from the base to the tip.

Thank you everybody,

It’s good to know that still remain people that share knowledge for free,just like you.

I love this open mind mentality that,unfortunately, have become so rare around the web.

I’ll make a treasure of that I can learn here(I hope this is all-understanding,my english is always so so…:( )

I’ll hang in there… ;)

Can’t waiting to become a full member:)

What exercises are you doing for such quick gains?


As long as you are continuing to make gains with the workout you are doing, stick with it until you aren’t making anymore.

Originally Posted by travelguy14
What exercises are you doing for such quick gains?

As I said before my routine it’s split on two parts:
In the morning I have:
5 min warm up(warm water ,usually)
5 min streching all direction (1 minutes in each direction)
10 min jelq
10 min light uli3(I’ll keep it “light” waiting for more “conditionated” tunica)
5 min warm down.

In the afternoon I double the morning routine as well.

That’s all for now.
I guess I’ll add some more specific girth session,as clamping, just when I’m ready.

Oh yes, I add some arginine pills to my diet, but I don’t know if this is usefull on the gain.


Wow! Congratulation igaiury!

That’s really impressive! In only one month you have had such gain, it is not a little..
I have atarted about one month too, but I never mesure my penis since then.

Your post is such a good encouragement to all the newbies, even some of them might be hard gainers, but I hope I’m not one of them.

Best regards,


I really don’t know if I’m a good gainer or not.
I have read about the LOT theory and I think my LOT it’s high,but I don’t belive that depend only by LOT or by a good routine.
Maybe one thing that make a thin possibly difference it’s given by your will and your perseverance in PE.
It’s, also,needed a good open mind in order to make it happens.
As many Vets says ,you must BELIVE and you must WANT that it happens.
I belive in the power of our mind to conditioned our bodies and our cocks,at least, are just meat,part of our body ;)
Before PE I dedicated to my penis little attention ,I just use it to pissing,masturbate ,and have sex with my GF.
Now everythings it’s changed as well as my mental and physical approach to my little friend…
I hope this usefull for you.

Damn,how hard it’s take a pic while in erection with a ruler in one hand and the camera in the other?
Is there a sort of tip in order to take a good shoot?

Uh, small gains. Dude, some people have to do this for a year or two to get gains like that.

Before PE: NBPEL 5.50" x EG 4.30"

Current: NBPEL 6.50" (BPEL 7.5") x EG 4.6" (head EG 5")

Goal: NBPEL 7.00" x EG 5.25"

.. As many Vets says ,you must BELIVE and you must WANT that it happens.

I like this part. I do believe and I always want it to happen in reality, having a bigger and healthier cock :)

I have two italian friends, they are such down to(on?) earth people! Friendly and easy going, especially they are very talkative (in good way ofcourse). I like to listen to people, particularly when they are giving me advices because I’ll have to use those with my students.

Best regards,


PS : A little question on your routine, warm down you have mentioned earlier in your routine, does it mean you cool it with cold water?

Originally Posted by daboogies
A little question on your routine, warm down you have mentioned earlier in your routine, does it mean you cool it with cold water?

No,I do another warm water wash in my bidet(you know we italians are world wide famous for our bidet:p )
Waiting for my penis calm down and all the blood flow away.
I think it’s usefull in order to prevent injury and keep the penis in a wellness state…

Best regards and good luck:)


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