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My first month gains and some few questions


No,I do another warm water wash in my bidet(you know we italians are world wide famous for our bidet)
Waiting for my penis calm down and all the blood flow away.
I think it’s usefull in order to prevent injury and keep the penis in a wellness state…

Ofcourse, I know what your well-known bidet is, lolz.. :D

I do a little penis message with warm water after PEing to get rid of bruise and ret dot, and it really works!

Best regards,


Good work pal

Congratulations on your gains..

Since we have started almost the same time and about the same dimensions it would be helpfull to follow each other in this journey..

You have replied to me that you follow quite the same programm as me but as I can see now you are doing the double work than me.I follow a slower programm adding 2-3 min of work every week.I don’t do much girth work(just simple jelqing)looking for length first..

Happy gaining.

What do all these letters stand for? NBPEL, EG, BPEL.. Etc.


Oh thanks


Nice progrees indeed.


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