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My First Measurable gains

My First Measurable gains

First Off,

Always start PE with measuring. I’ve been struggling to find gains by the ruler, even though I know it looks much bigger to me, mainly because I kind of fell into a steady routine by peaking around this forum for awhile.

Well I had my first measurement eye-popper, and my woman finally said, “It feels Bigger.” The ultimate gratification for working hard at this for months now.

I’ve been discouraged and thought that this stuff was pointless on so many occasions, but now I’m finally CONVINCED THIS WORKS!

I would say, based my younger years of curious measuring down there, that I started around 6-6.5 BP length —4.5 EG. Last week, after deciding not to measure consistently, I pulled out the ruler and gave it a shot.

I’m now at 7 BP length, and just over 5 EG (it’s hard for me to do girth because I use a stupid plastic/metal tape measure, that sometimes pinches my skin)

I think I owe this shot in growth to switching up my routine over the past few weeks. I moved to very intense dry jelqing, horses, bends, and minimal clamping. I almost never stretch (I mainly want girth) and think the length gains came from dry jelqing and clamping, so that’s unusual.

Nonetheless, Newbies.don’t give up because I feel discouragement no longer, and always start with solid measurements.

Good to know it is working out. I advice newbies to read your post, real motivational. I only wonder what your goals are.

Hey congrats, great gains, that first “it feels bigger comment is priceless!” To measure girth you could find a thin string wrap it around you shaft, mark, and then measure with a ruler later. Good luck with your girth progress.

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

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