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My first injury...sort of.

My first injury...sort of.

Hi all,

My routine lately has been manual stretching for 10 min in the warm shower morning and evening with a few minutes stretch whenever I get a chance.

After stretching in the shower, I do a little edging with some jelqing and 20 sec. squeezes in between near ejaculation. I don’t see much size increase from the jelqing (as compared to what I have heard other members says), but when I do the 20 sec squeezes for 5 sets at 80% erection I get a crazy pump!

Tonight after squeezing I notice a dark dot exactly at the center of the head of my penis (as seen looking down with my penis straight out). Everything else is fine. I feel okay. I realize it is probably just some bruising, but I have never had anything on the head but some red dots. What little bruising I have had has always been on the shaft skin.

Anyway, I should be okay stretching for awhile until this heals, right? Spank you very much.

Hello Monster, Which are your sizes, and your goal?

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Hm, a big red dot just sounds like.. well a bigger version of small red dots, thus a slightly bigger injury than the ones that would be creating small red dots.

Not exercising it will help I think.

In some other threads people were on about giving your member a good warmup and then only do some _gently_ massaging around the spot so the blood disperses.. As soon as the red spot is gone let it heal for some weeks (some say it s ok to start off again after a few days, but I don’t think this anywhere near to the realm of your body’s healing capabilities.. You decide :) ).

I’m 7.0 BPEL on my best day and around 5.0” EG. Honestly, I would love a 10” X 6.5” or so, but 8” X 6” would be great as well. I would like my 8” X 6” to be with a “relaxed” hard on so my best measurement would be slightly bigger than that I guess. Maybe 8.25” X 6.25”.

BTW…the dot was dark purple, not red. I failed to mention. It looks more like a bruise. I have never bruised the head this way. It doesn’t look too bad today and feels fine. I’ll take it easy with the jelqing. Don’t want to reach 10’ X 6.5” too quick. Wait…what am I saying?!

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