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My experiences so far

My experiences so far

This is my first post on this forum though I have been lurking around for sometime now. I have been reading and reading up on new posts and old posts trying to find information that is most pertinent to my goals and my attitude towards attaining them.

I am currently at about month four of my PE exercises. The first 3 months I followed the newbie routine exclusively and saw slight gains. I started out at 5 3/4” BPEL and to be honest I did not take an girth measurements. After the three month period I was at 5 7/8” and 5” girth. I was really happy to be seeing gains though I felt that I was not performing some of the stretches correctly. I have a high lot of around 10 o’clock and focused a lot of attention on the lower angle stretches though I never felt like I was getting a good stretch despite my best attempts.

So month 4 was beginning and I felt that I should change things up a little but I really didn’t know what to try out as there is so much information out there. I started out experimenting with some stretches to try to really feel the stretch in my abdomens. After a few sessions of experimentation I found the stretch! Laying on my back I was using an overhand grip just below the glans and pulling away from my body. With my other I would apply downward force at the base of my penis. For me it is a very subtle movement and the amount of force used does not correlate to the stretch I felt. So I kept experimenting. After about a week I had the stretch nailed and I was finally feeling like I was getting the workout that I wanted. At this point my routine consisted of a the following:

5 minute warm
10 minutes of 50-60% jelqing
10 minutes of 60-80% jelqing
10-15 minutes stretching
10-15 minutes mixed jelqing and my own attempts at using my hands to clamp
5 minutes cool down kegeling the entire time

So after today’s session I took some measurements and I couldn’t have been happier. I am now 6 1/8” BPEL and 5 1/4” girth. I am not sure if all of the consistent work has lead up to this one good month of gains or if the new found stretches have made the difference. I suspect that it is a combination of both. This forum is great and thanks to all for contributing very useful information.

Well done man! Keep on keeping on!

Thank you bodhiseed for your contribution. I will definetily try this strech, sounds very good to me.
And remember that the LOT theory, although supported by a many members her, is still just a theory. For me it also doesn’t apply.

By the way, does your username have something to do with Baldur’s Gate?

Progress is great, keep up he good work!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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