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My experience with p.e.

My experience with p.e.

Thank you thunder place

I started PEing around the end of oct. This year.Doing the basic newbie routine.I noticed e.q. Very soon after starting,started wakeing up with some serious wood,this has not been the case for a while.Just before christmas I told my wife what I’ve been doing.She looked at me funnylike I was joking,then I explained to her why I was doing this.Just looking for better e.q. So sex would be as good as was a few years ago,didnt whant to take pills just for this problem.

She naturaly wanted to see what I was doing to my, dick so I had her help me with my routine.I was so happy that she was supportive of my new workout,what a great gal.Well christmas came and I fell off my routine,newyears came and just so much goin on and traveling ,still offf my routine.I noticed the 1/8” gain in lenght went away and evan shrunk alittle.I also lost that chubby look that I was starting to gain.

Now I’ve been back on my routine again for the last two weeks.Useing a power jelqer that I built[still newbie routine]and I’ve got back that slite gain I lost earlier.
Back to nice mornig wood again and a happy me and a happy willie and most important a happy wife.I seem to be gaining girth easy,it’s nice and fat now [flaccid]
She can’t keep off the willie now it’s awsome.I’m getting so much head now,she just loves to suck on that thing.

So point beeing thanks thunder place and it’s members.For anyone that doubts that this stuff works you’re crazy it works great.Besides who doesnt like to play with there unit,it just feels good.So instead of masterbation you exercise that guy it sure seems to like it better.Hell now theres no time to wack it,it’s either resting from the work out ,or in my wife.Like I said sex is so much better now already.Just because I have more surface area and my erections are rock hard.She’s made the comment it’s like when we first got together 18 years ago.I’m makeing her cum every time again wow life is good.

Starting measurements

5.8bpel 4.2eg


6.0bpel 4.4eg

I think I’m a pe’er for life,thanks again T.P.

I wish I would have started when I joined in 05. I really started in oct too

Nbpel - 6.5" Bpel 7.25" Eg 5.125"

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