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My EQ, TGC, and doubting gains...

My EQ, TGC, and doubting gains...

One thing I am having a difficulty understanding lately is EQ (erection quality). It’s supposed to be such a simple thing to comprehend, but I’m struggling with it. What constitutes good EQ? I mean, I think I have good EQ, but then again I think I always have had good EQ. If someone were to ask me what my EQ was, I’d say “definitely a 10.” But is my EQ a 10?

Here’s what I do have:
- Extremely hard erections (especially when I have some sort of agent assisting me IE porn)
- Popping veins while erect
- Morning wood every morning (this was before I ever did PE as well)
- Insta-erection as well – meaning, I can probably go from 100% flaccid to 100% erect in 60 sec.

But here’s what I don’t have
- I don’t get evening wood, unless I am turned on by something
- I rarely get spontaneous erections throughout the day
- I really have seen no increase in cum since starting PE

The reason I am so concerned about this is I am trying to understand what my limits are with PE, being the TGC theory/hypothesis. After I warmup, my BPFSL is roughly .15 - .25” longer than my BPEL. But this isn’t without a pretty damn aggressive pull, one that nearly induces pain. A typical stretch pull, my SF is actually about .25” less than my BPEL (which is something I cannot comprehend).

My EQ is a supposed 10. This leaves me to believe my tunica is my limiting factor, but I’m just not sure. Is my EQ as high as I rate it? I sometimes doubt my gains. Is this just, perhaps, an actual 100% erection whereas my starting numbers weren’t a 100% erection?

I might think too much…

I think your last line says it all.

You are what you are. Providing things are working fairly normally, stay with them. To worry about evening woods, no porn attraction etc., is taking your mind off the important issues. Like what shows in the shower room (or not as you prefer) and whether you give satisfaction.

Concentrate on the main issues. like getting the 8”x 6 -er etc. All the others will just distract you

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You have rock hard erections I would say that is an EQ level of ten.

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