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My Deal

My Deal

November 23, 2004
Bpel 7 1/8”
Eg 5 1/4”

December 17, 2004
Bpel 7 1/4”
Eg 5 1/2”

So far have stuck with manual stretches and jelq. After a workout my girth is 6” I wish it would stay but the next day it drops down to 5.50” I measured length today and found I grew an 1/8th of an inch. My head looks bigger too. Flaccid hang is way improved I always had a small flaccid hang and now it is way better. As soon as I move into the digital age I will post a pic but until then I don’t know if I can face sy the photo guy with my dick up against a ruler……lol

November 23, 2004 6 3/4" BPEL EG 5 1/4" Feb 17, 2011 BPEL 8" BPEL EG 6 1/8th"

The idea is progress not perfection, well that might come later.
Same advice everyone else is going to give:
Sounds like you’re making good progress for less than a month into it.
Read the newbie stuff closely and be careful not to get too over zealous with it or you might end up posting one of those help I got a flat tire over here threads.
Got to agree: flaccid hang is the first and one of the best / funnest benefits of PE. I absolutely love it when I catch a girl checking the bulge. The days of being all F’d up and self conscious about it are long gone.

“My cock. My cock and the world are everything.” Jim Morrison, An American Prayer.


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