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My Best PE Problem

My Best PE Problem

I discovered this website in early May and after some research decided to give it a try. I got the famous newbie gains very quickly and needless to say I was hooked. I have pretty much been a lurker but I have had some interesting experiences that I cannot help but share.

I have not gained very much girth, but my penis feels bigger in my hand and heavier, and my erection quality has gone from a 7 to a 9.5-10. My wife is very tight and it takes a good warm up before we can go at it full speed. She wanted to do a quickie last Friday and in a moment of passion it went in quickly and hard. She was in pain and we had to stop and it turns out I literally ripped the opening of her vagina a tiny bit. Anyway, she told me I needed to stop PEing because it was too thick now (I have only gained ~0.3in).

The kicker was the next day I was getting ready to shower and she asked if I had done my “workout” today, I told her I hadn’t and she said “that’s too bad because I want it real thick right now”. Since then we have been at it quite a lot, and I have continued my PE without any more comments. Terrible problem to have I know :) , but my questions are

1) What should I think of the conflicting statements?

2) Do you think a small change in size is noticeable?

I say keep at it, she is clearly adjusting to the new size and is enjoying it, and as long as she is supportive there is no reason to quit. As far as if a small change is noticeable, depends on the time frame. A gradual change over a long period of time won’t likely be noticed until they have an epiphany and say “Hey wait a minute, I just realized that’s way bigger than it used to be” kinda thing. On the other hand, the same change over a very short amount of time will definitely be noticed. A while back my wife and I were fooling around and she wanted to toy a bit, not having any real toys at the time I grabbed a cucumber from the fridge and tried to use that, we had the hardest time fitting it in, so much so that we ended up stopping because it was so uncomfortable, now I am just a hair under 6” girth and I knew the cucumber was thicker but not by much, so I grabbed my tape measure and it is 6” exactly. So just around 1/8 inch (0.125) was night and day difference.

8-1-2009: BPEL 7.250 x 5.5

11-1-2009: BPEL 7.750 x 5.875

Goal: 9 x 6.5

To the first question I think it is possible that in the spur of the moment and just after having been ripped by a dick ( which is getting bigger ) it might have scared her that sex would change or be incompatible if you got to big. So it might have just been her fear of what the future may hold if you get bigger and she keeps getting ripped up.

However I think it is also smart to point out that you two tried for a quickie.
If you haven’t had problems with sex before; when there was plenty of foreplay, she was ready for it, and had no problem. Then maybe after a few days she came back to the conclusion that if you two take your time and don’t try for the quick and rough sex then she won’t get ripped and it will only feel better and better to get a bigger rod in her.

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