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My 2 year weigh in

My 2 year weigh in

Well, it’s been 2 years since I joined and started PE. During that time there has been a lot of stretching, squeezing, jelqing, pulling and honestly most of it just seemed to be abusive masturbation.

Starting stats:
Flaccid 4.5”
Erect length 7”
Erect girth 4.75

Current stats:
Flaccid 5.5
Erect length 7.25
Erect girth 5.1

Current routine:
5 minutes of heat (varies, heating pad, rice sock, hot washcloth)
5 minutes stretching
15 - 20 minutes manual squeezing & dry jelqing with 50%-75% erection
5 minutes O-Bends (sometimes while clamped, gives a great expansion)
200 wet jelqs

Overall I am pleased with my gains and like my penis but I still really want more girth. When I get that good plump heavy penis from the squeezes it really is incentive to keep going, but I do get a bit depressed the next day when my penis feels skinny again. It doesn’t help that my girlfriend has a, um, roomy vagina.

So there’s my 2 year update. Thank you Thunder for a great place to come to!

Best of luck to you all,


You’ve made some respectable gains! Congratulations!

:_pump: :donatecar

How often did you do your routine?

Your routine seems like it is stuck at an early newbie level. Assuming you do this regularly, seems like you should up the time spent, especially on jelgs.

Congratulations on the gains.

4Foreskin ;)

Small gains,but still gains. Congratulations.

Thanks fellas. Yea, the gains are minimal but I’m real glad I hit at least 5” girth, though it still looks/feels skinny.

I was doing a more aggressive routine but had to back off for a while due to bruising. I’m picking the pace up again though. I mix up the days I work out, sometimes it’s 2 on 1 off, sometimes it’s 5 days on with the weekend off.

Thanks again, we’ll see how it goes for 2 more years.



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