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My 0.5 in 60 days challenge

If you ever have pain and stuff stop, there is no definite answer to if you will lose all or even some of your gains, no doubt you are getting better EQ from PE which gives us all our ‘Newbie gains’. If your EQ goes down so will your measurements, such is life. I may be a rare case but I lost only a hair of girth over 6-8 weeks of no PE, which I got back pretty easily.

You may very well lose the gains you made taking time off but what would be better losing those and having a healthy dick to start over with, or preserving your gains and having a useless testicle(s). Personally I think your length will probably stay the same, and your girth may decrease a tiny bit.

Your idea to lightly jelq is going to help preserve your EQ. You may also want to do some light stretches every so often, just to keep your dick elastic. I would wait until everything is back to normal to begin a real routine again, be that April 1st or later.

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Good plan Clemski.

Everything seems to be ok down there so I am thinking of doing some jelqing tonight.
Not sure if I am going to do 200 or 400. (Still thinking about it)

But I think April the 1st sounds like a good idea to start on my routine again.
And I will see how things go from there.

I might change the routine to a one month at a time routine with a month gap in between for light jelqing.
Who knows?

Yours sincerely

Mr Whiskers

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

The title of this thread speaks to me. I do have a serious question about attempting that gain in that short amount of time. Would scar tissue/stretch marks be an issue? If I do not make significant length gains in the next couple of months, I am going to increase the intensity of my routine. Are stretch marks or discoloration an issue?

I do not know if anyone on this forum realizes exactly how much shit my wife (mother of four) would give me if “I” got stretch marks on my cock. She’d most likely generate a chain-mail with my picture and a funny caption about cocoa butter.

Hang well.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

Ok well.
It is very possible to gain that much in that amount of time but it would have to be done responsibly.
And I haven’t obtained any stretch marks or whatsoever from this routine so far so I think it is safe to assume that it’s unlikely to happen.

I think that occurs with Inches+.
And I don’t think discoloration is likely with this routine.

But I would suggest after doing this as a whole of 90 days that you then go on a 30 day break and then a 30 day on routine for a few months.

My wishes go with you.

Mr Whiskers

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.


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