MUST READS for newbies

Hey guys, I’ve been reading as much around the forums as I could in order to best understand just why I’m yanking on my member. I read some classic articles around here, and I think that my fellow newbs really need to be exposed to them in order to maximize gains and minimize frustration.

Don’t know if it’s working? Check here!
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Skimping (or skipping) the warm-up? DON’T!
Benefits of Heat in PE

Length before girth? Maybe worth considering, maybe not.
Length before girth

This is just awesome PE theory. Must read!
Microtears Result in Plastic Deformation

Another extremely logical post by sparkyx on plateauing and general PE theory:
Understanding force thresholds for growth

There are tons more articles worth reading, but I feel like I could just link those forever in all the posts I see floating around here in the newbie forum. Ok, I’m out guys. Safe yanking to you all!