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Mushroom head and more girth- Help please

Mushroom head and more girth- Help please

Could someone suggest an ideal routine to beefen up my head and also overall girth.

My penis is 5” thick the bottom half but gets thinner as reaches the head and unless really aroused the head is very small <4” I reckon. (Though as said sometimes bigger).

If I’ve been wanking/making out/PEing a lot it often takes a long time to get a good hard-on and ferocious wanking to get the head pumped up.

If I go for a few days without touching my penis (hard to do) I get better erections. Obvioulsey this is some form of disfunction from overworking it but in general the head and upper girth is still too small. I know I have to cut down masturbation and porn to improve function.

Anyway, I’d like my head to be much bigger and always full when erect. Any suggestions on exercises and routines.


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This thread was posted last week: Increasing head size

Thanks man


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