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Mushroom gains and has anyone had mushroom shrinkage

Mushroom gains and has anyone had mushroom shrinkage

I’ve been pe’ing for a few months and I’m seeing gains but my mushroom seems to be shrinking is it because of my gains making it seem smaller or something else any info will help thanks

Ei mate,

Sorry for the question but what´s the mushroom?

Probably refering to the head of his penis.

Yeah the head

How is your EQ? My glans usually don’t fully engorge unless I’m very close to 100% rock hard. Could be that, or perhaps your girth gains are just making it seem smaller like you said. I doubt your glans just shrunk, especially if you are gaining.

I guess it can look smaller when you gained midshaft girth.

Don’t slow jelqs while holding it for a few seconds when you get your grip below the glans help make the glans grow?


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