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muscles and erection

muscles and erection

Hi guys! I was wandering which are the muscles involved during an erection and how I can make them stronger. Obviously I know Kegels and I do them every other days, but I’d like to learn more about penile anatomy so to avoid the risk of injuries and get the best results.
I know the difference about corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiousum. I read that our PC muscle can increase only the blood flow in the CS, but I notice that also the upper side of my penis become harder when I contract this muscle.
Do you think that PC muscle affects also our CA?
Are there other muscle that can increase the blood flow in CA?

Thanks! Bye

Everything you have to know about this subject is located here in an article by westla90069 titled: loacting the bc muscle:

Locating the bc muscle

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The corpora cavernosa (CC) separate from each other under the pubic bone and each attaches the the pelvic bone. This part of the CC is called the crus penis. Each is surrounded by an ischiocavernosus muscle. When those muscles are contracted, they increase the pressure in the CC causing the penis to get harder. The bulbocavernosus muscles (BC) surround the bulb of the penis which is part of the corpus spongiosum (CS). Contraction of the BC muscles make the CS and the glans (head) harder. When you consciously contract the pelvic muscles, and at the time of ejaculation, all of these muscles are contracting to make the penis harder. See this illustration for the location of these muscles.

thanks a lot!Now it’s all more clear, but are there some exercise to improve ischiocavernosus muscle?

Not specificaly. I think the IC muscles contract when you contract the BC. The nerve supply is essentially the same and it may be only a slight degree of difference between contracting one or the other. Most men couldn’t tell the difference. I can’t.

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