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Mum knows!?


Ouch…careful dude.

Soon you’ll be living in the :2: like most of us

Three days ago, when I thought my Dad was in the other room, he came up behind me and said in an accusing tone “What’s that on your screen?!” while I was reading this site. I had a moment of sheer panic then realised that the page had nothing at all mentioning penis enlargement on it and that he was pointing at some dirty little avatar someone has! I just explained to him what an avatar was and that was that! Thanks Thunder for choosing the name Thunder’s Place for this site and not anything with the words “penis” or “enlarge” in it!!

Little known fact:
The original name of the site was “Penis Thunder Penis Penis PE Place Enlargement Forums Penis”.

It was only through the difficult and sometimes painful experiences of the members that this was changed. Or so I was told.


Actually, we changed the name to Thunder’s Place Free Penis Enlargement Forums a couple of times in the past. Once recently, and it took about 15 minutes before the first complaint came in. The “free penis enlargement” part helps us on the search engines. So we went to “Free PE Forums” for members and “Free Penis Enlargement Forums” for guests.

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Thunder I must say, I give you full marks for putting such a potentially embarrassing website in “discreet packaging” - atleast as discreet as can be imagined given the genre.

Originally Posted by penflex
Ouch…careful dude.

Soon you’ll be living in the :2: like most of us

Yeah after my reply she cut me off for about a month. haha


funny one. :rolling:

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Thanks Mister HuffDuck. Glad to see that you decided to return. I can merge your personalities if you would like.

I just couldn’t stay away from this place for long. I missed the company. Besides, the time away from thunders was being used on other idle pursuits. I did manage to reverse my academic tailspin though.

I’ll stick with huff though. That’s what everyone called me anyway.

Because I’m a man who loves order, I say, make it so!


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