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Multiple queries . . . Please help.

Multiple queries . . . Please help.

I have been an occasional visitor of this site for about a year (since December 2004). I’ve been saving up some questions. I’ve been experimenting with PE for about 5 years, so I believe my body to be accustomed to irregular strains. I began the following routine November 1, 2005, exercising 2 days on and 1 day off: 5 min warm up (filled a plastic pint glass with warm water and cupped it over my penis, exchanging the water with warmer water as my skin adjusted to the heat), then 5 alternating sets of downward and perpendicular manual stretches (stretching up and to the sides feels ineffective) working up from 1 minute to 3 minutes. I stretched to the threshold of comfort, so that I could feel a good stretch but not pain. After manual stretching I continued with dry jelking for a few minutes until I was at my fullest erect capacity, forcing blood into my glans and then massaging it, and then I finished with enthusiastic masturbation until ejaculation. I experienced a few negative side effects in the 2 weeks following this routine and would appreciate some input:

1. I became limp during sex with a condom, feeling as though the condom was cutting off circulation. I’ve never had this problem before (and she has not wanted to have sex since).

2. I noticed some discoloration after the two weeks, so I stopped the routine and applied very sticky vitamin E from capsules on to my penis (as suggested here). This seemed to help slightly, but a week later the skin on my penis became very dry. When I had an erection the skin on my glans cracked and created a small, papercut-like sore that I treated with Neosporin. Three weeks later the skin is still flaking off. My skin gets dry in the winter, but only after PE-ing have I noticed dead skin on my glans and itchy flaking.

3. When flaccid I have many folds in the penis of my skin. It looks like an accordion. If it’s cold, or I run on the treadmill, it shrinks to an infantile size. While I’m running I sometimes have to stop and yank my penis out of my pelvis so that my glans doesn’t stick through my mesh running shorts in an embarrassing way. When I am erect I notice darker skinned, tiger-like stripes on my penis. I may have always had this, but does anyone know of a way to minimize the stripes?

4. When flaccid I can be very small depending on the temperature (3”BPL x 4” girth). When erect it gets much larger (6.8” BPL x 5.25 “ girth). It feels like I don’t have much flaccid “meat” to work with down there. Are flaccid gains a lost cause?

5. I’m 27 and chain smoke on the weekends. How much would this effect sensation and strength of my erections?

I would appreciate any advice you would provide. If you know of a helpful link, then that would be great too. I’ve done much research, but there is so much out here that it can be difficult to find what one needs. If I could add an inch in length I could finally get past this size inferiority and work on improving other parts of my life.

#1 Do you always go limp with a condom on, or is this a new thing?

#2 If you are not overstressing something, you are not likely to see discoloration

#3 Lots of guys have those tiger stripes naturally. When you run, if it’s comfortable, do a cock and ball wrap with some ACE bandage. Should keep things out in the open for you

#4 See how it goes with another couple months of PE. Some guys grow larger flaccid in proportion to their erect gain

#5 I doubt it if only on weekends or that’s sporadic. But smoking daily will certainly catch up with you eventually

Hope this helps.



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